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P1 Bugs

These are bugs we want to fix before we would ship this, even as a v1.

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We're building a search activity so we can do some experimentation around search outside of the browser on Android devices. The core idea is that we provide a search activity that puts users back in control of their search & search data, allowing them to customize and control what engines they use, how their results are shaped, and how their data is ultimately used (or not used). We also intend that, eventually, the activity will "learn" about the user over time by way of a frecency algorithm that will further tailor search engines and results to each user's preferences and location.

From the UX deck:

For internet users who are dissatisfied with the tedious nature of finding exactly what they're looking for online, Firefox Search provides a fast and easy-to-read way for users to learn about the things they are looking for, in real time.

Unlike other search activities, we do not lock users into a single source of information, and instead provide flexibility and choice of inputs so that we can offer most useful possible information.

Goals & Metrics

For v1...we can expand on these after we have evaluated the v1 results in pre-release channels &/or in beta/GA.


  • Experience
    • Get to a search quickly
    • Get solid results that people can move through quickly
  • Privacy & choice
    • Protect the user from being a "product"
    • Give a choice of search engines, not locked into a single vendor
  • Revenue and Growth
    • Increase the number of searches done through Mozilla products on Android by X (percentage TBD)
    • Increase the user's engagement with Mozilla products on Android (users & usage numbers)


  • No need for an add-on pluggable search engine system in v1


  • Aggregate number of searches done per day/week/month
  • Aggregate number of results tapped per search engine
  • Number of active users per day/week/month
  • Percentage of users who use the app in 5 out of every 7 days


  • Phases/Scopes/Experiences
    • Pre-search: The initial landing page when starting the search activity
      • Show search term history (P1)
      • Show any rich cards from previously completed searches (P2)
      • Possible to show some other ambient rich cards on "nearby" things or "weather" (P3)
    • Searching: Tapping in the search bar and typing
      • Show search suggestion, unless user opts out (P1)
    • Post-search: Results from completing a search
      • Results should be shown with consideration to relevance
      • Some results could be shown in a richer format
      • If user picks an item, show more detailed information or open in external app (native or browser)

UX designs

  • Goal for first milestone
    • visually polished proof of concept, something we can live with and pressure test, and also use to run some usability testing
  • v1 Requirements
    • Discoverability
      • Tip in the browser to access this feature
    • Start screen
      • Recent searches
      • Recommendations (Things nearby, Time based, etc)
    • Typing
      • Search History / Suggestions
    • Results
      • Choice of some initial cards
      • Generic: ddg/yahoo
      • Location: yelp
      • Info: wikipedia
      • Product: amazon
    • Telemetry
      • Need to be measuring with not only user feedback, but also what are people tapping on

Possible search engines

Deb's random notes about some engines we might consider...all subject to change.


  • DuckDuckGo (single-card)
    • Could we expand this to general search as well as cards?
  • Yelp (local search)
  • Wikipedia (research)
    • Would be good if we could do locale-appropriate where possible


  • Bing (general search)
  • Yahoo search (general search - use locale-appropriate where possible)
  • Amazon (shopping - use locale-appropriate search where possible)
  • A locally-relevant news site (CBC, BBC, NYT)
    • CBC - Canada
    • BBC - UK
    • New York Times - USA
  • Vimeo (videos)
  • Etsy (shopping, visual search)
  • Pinterest (visual search)
  • Google News (news)
  • Yahoo News (news)
  • Yummly (recipes)
  • YouTube (videos)
  • (movie showtimes - locale-appropriate)
  • Reddit (general interest)
  • Nextbus (local commuter info)
  • Longreads (general interest)
  •  ??

Possible future ideas