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  • To reorganize the settings menu to reflect an intuitive grouping of functions to make customization your Firefox as easy as possible


  • To include managing search providers and which provider is used as default
  • Investigate how best to use this menu to manage add-ons: either as a link to the add-on manager, or whether to incorporate the management of add-ons in this menu

User Stories

  • As a user, I want my settings menu organized in an intuitive manner where I can find how to customize my Firefox as easily as possible.


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Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Assigned to
849254 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.setToolbarHeight( RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
849539 -- java.lang.RuntimeException - Unable to start activity (WebApps) - android.widget.LinearLayout cannot be cast to android.widget.RelativeLayout RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
849573 -- Regression: GL graphic glitches in tab menu - LG Nexus 4 VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850154 -- The Find in Page bar is displayed over the URL bar VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850690 -- Gap at the top of the document with dynamic toolbar enabled RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850724 -- Regression: Missing or transparent tab address bar when tab menu is open VERIFIED
850783 -- Regression: Scrollbars hidden behind toolbar when toolbar revealed RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850789 -- [Tablet] - Hide tab sidebar when dynamic toolbar is off screen RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
850889 -- Scrolling with URL bar visible causes choppiness/shaking RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852158 -- Pages sometimes shift under the toolbar while loading RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852277 -- Regression: Text-box focus pushed off-screen on Nokia Here Maps with dynamic toolbar enabled, difficult to scroll into view VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852565 -- Lock toolbar on pages smaller than the screen size RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
852955 -- [AccessFu] Trying to activate items at top of pages brings up awesome bar or menu instead VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
853300 -- click on android's menu button should bring up the toolbar if its hidden in dynamic mode RESOLVED
853820 -- Doorhanger buttons slightly cut off when dynamic toolbar is hidden RESOLVED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
853831 -- Reader mode toolbar doesn't appear at the top of the page VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
853986 P1 Empty space at the top of fullscreen HTML5 video with dynamic toolbar enabled VERIFIED Wesley Johnston (:wesj)
854099 -- Regression: the top end of anchored element is hidden by dynamic toolbar. RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
855240 -- Regression: Video trailer playback on is broken VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
856252 -- Regression: Arrowing down to content from BrowserToolBar does not work VERIFIED Eitan Isaacson [:eeejay]
856497 -- Regression: IMDB search field hidden behind awesomebar VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
856932 -- Incorrect layer position when panning down to make the urlbar visible VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
858969 P1 window.scrollTo() cannot ensure compatibility when dynamic toolbar is enabled RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
859031 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp$8$ RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
859100 -- java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserToolbar.canToolbarHide( RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
860497 -- Readermode popup menu positioned wrong VERIFIED
864554 -- Address bar hides the tops of pages on first load (e.g, Facebook) RESOLVED
865298 P1 Dynamic toolbar refactor fix-ups RESOLVED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
866461 -- constantly resizing (scrollbar dance) VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
868052 -- Toolbar does not appear when hardware menu button is pressed (HTC G2, Android 2.3) VERIFIED :Margaret Leibovic
868998 -- Reveal title bar by scrolling a certain distance. VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
869156 P1 Cannot reshow dynamic toolbar on zoom out after hiding it when zoomed in VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
869411 P1 About:home is cut off beneath title bar VERIFIED Brian Nicholson (:bnicholson)
872528 -- Password doorhanger is not displayed on Gingerbread VERIFIED Sriram Ramasubramanian [:sriram]
876562 -- In Fennec content behind fullscreen content should not be pannable, zoomable, or visible VERIFIED Timothy Nikkel (:tnikkel)
877602 -- Deadzone/can't tap link after address bar is scrolled out of view VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
886077 P1 Can't access address bar using Spiel screen reader VERIFIED Max Li [:maxli]
886576 -- Unable to show the dynamic address bar on short Twitter pages VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
892246 -- Urlbar doesn't auto-show on, about:healthreport on tablet VERIFIED Chris Lord [:cwiiis]
896547 -- Dynamic toolbar causes scroll events to be fired repeatedly VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
898877 -- Dynamic toolbar hides when page fits the screen VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
902138 -- [Tablet] - Unable to regain access to the the address-bar on after scrolling; no way to reveal dynamic toolbar VERIFIED Kartikaya Gupta (
911152 P5 The Dissolve website can not be scrolled RESOLVED
944925 -- Add an option to switch dynamic toolbar mode RESOLVED Tetsuharu OHZEKI [:tetsuharu] (UTC+9)
955886 -- Title bar is visible in fullscreen with "Hide title bar when scrolling" unchecked when using document.mozFullScreen VERIFIED Josh Dover [:jdover]

45 Total; 0 Open (0%); 18 Resolved (40%); 27 Verified (60%);

Quality Criteria

  1. User stories must be satisfied
  2. Specifications must be met