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Research has shown that people use tablets and smartphones very differently and for different things. Our implementation of Firefox on Android hasn't really taken this into account, so we're starting the process of redesigning our tablet implementation. This is the first of those tablet redesign projects, and this will be implemented over a handful of releases.

Goals & Metrics


  • Make creating, switching and managing tabs a quicker and more fluid experience.
  • Balance a user's desire to switch pages in a single tap with more powerful tools for grouping multiple tasks.


  • tbd

UX Designs

  • optional, really -- add a link if you think it makes sense, or delete this section



The basics - horizontal tab display, tab panel, add/close/switch tabs.

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0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Slightly more advanced - tab reordering, pinning, visual preview, privacy enhancements

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Whiteboard Assigned to
1015467 -- Add a new tab by long-tapping on the empty space of horizontal tab strip NEW [lang=java]
1017345 -- Close a tab during reordering it NEW [ux needed]
1018456 -- (experiment) Blur effect for private tab thumbnails NEW
1018466 -- (experiment) Press down to peek original thumbnail of a private tab NEW
1018481 -- Pin a tab on horizontal tab strip NEW [lang=java][ux needed]
1018493 -- A visual preview for horizontal tabs NEW [ux needed]
1024816 -- Tab overflow on horizontal tab strip NEW
1057650 -- Investigate whether new_tablet_browser_toolbar can be a LinearLayout NEW
1058902 -- Implement new tablet toolbar editing mode NEW
1064828 -- Implement Robocop tests for the tab strip NEW
1066251 -- Show progress indication in tab strip NEW [ux needed]
1073412 -- Tab panels can get out of focus after changing the device orientation to portrait on tablets NEW
1075706 -- Explore ux ideas for exposing Site ID info on Tablets NEW
1077614 -- Adjust width between close button and favicon in new tablet tab strip to 12dp NEW [lang=java][bad first bug]
1084523 -- nothing matches overlay file NEW [exploration needed]
1086980 -- Copy desktop behavior for back/forward buttons in tablet editing mode NEW [lang=java][see comment 2]
1091306 -- Eliminate page flicker when exiting editing mode on new tablet NEW
1093199 -- Fix sizing issues during forward button animation NEW [lang=java]
1093640 -- Improve tablet keyboard navigation NEW [lang=java]
1101190 -- Remove new tablet edit_cancel button NEW [lang=java]
1109357 -- Investigate drawing a border around the lwt theme NEW
1111820 -- Explore: layering tabs in tab strip over and under add tab button when scrolling NEW [lang=java]
1112865 P5 [tabs tray] Swipe to switch tabs trays NEW [lang=java][bad next bug]
1122056 -- Move tablet action bar to cover tabs, rather than toolbar NEW
1124515 -- Verify the TabsLayoutContainer height is correctly determined NEW
1125050 -- Big space between thumbnail rows on Kindle Fire NEW [lang=java]
1134408 -- Selected tab in tab strip (tablet) not always visible after changing orientation from landscape to portrait NEW
1150272 -- Investigate ThumbnailHelper.THUMBNAIL_ASPECT_RATIO use in TopSitesThumbnailView NEW
1150730 -- Consolidate value for new_tablet_browser_toolbar_height NEW

29 Total; 29 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);


Finished - Add synced tabs, show which tab is playing sound, gesture support

Full Query
ID Priority Summary Status Whiteboard Assigned to
1015005 -- Multi-finger gesture to switch to a tab panel NEW

1 Total; 1 Open (100%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);