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We need more data about how users actually interact with our browser, and we can create a valuable source of data by building more telemetry probes into our UI.

What data?

General usage patterns

  • Need a session for each "screen" in order to facilitate heatmapping etc.
  • How are people opening Firefox?
    • [how] Different telemetry session types — allows for partitioning behaviors between these usage types.
    • Tapping Firefox icon on Android homescreen
    • Link from another app
    • Android Homescreen bookmark
  • How often are people opening (focusing) Firefox?
  • Duration of each browsing session?
    • Number of pages visited
    • Number of tabs open
      • On restore!
  • [P1] What are people doing?
    • How are users getting to a page?
      • Searching
        • Breakdown of providers used
        • Are they using suggestions?
      • Typing URLs
      • Retrieving Saved Stuff from Home
        • which parts?
      • Coming in from an outside link
      • Tapping: row, thumbnail/top site
    • How are users saving stuff? + bounce time, if applicable
      • Bookmarking
      • Sharing
      • Opening in new tab
      • Adding to reading list
    • How are tabs used?
      • Comparison?
        • Actively switching through tabs in a "short" session
          • More tab switching events than tabs
          • Tab switching interspersed (or not) by other events (loading page)
          • Also keep track of re-opened tabs
        • Read later?
        • Do they just collect over time?
          • Tab lifetime between sessions?
      • Amount of effort spent in typing
        • Searches
        • URLs
        • Other web inputs — in content
      • Device orientation (landscape vs portrait)
      • Methods of exiting Firefox (home, closing tab, etc).
    • Relative popularity of Private / Guest Browsing
      • For detailed recording within: [privacy-review-needed]
    • Extent to which people customize the browser
      • In Settings
      • with Add-ons
  • Heatmap of browser UI usage
    • Context of what to overlay heatmap on
    • Are we prioritizing the right stuff?
  • How does this differ on phones vs. tablets?

Technical details

bug 932092 ships in Firefox 28, and allows for UI code to record telemetry events for analysis.

Canonical documentation lives here (though bear in mind that m-c is usually behind fx-team by a day):

which is rendered from


We use the same MapReduce infrastructure as desktop to get answers out of our measurements. If you are looking to run a job or write a new one, all of our MapReduce jobs and how to use them are in this github repo:


Note: Make sure Insights & Metrics teams are aware of what we're hoping to do once we have this a bit more solidly defined.

An etherpad that needs a lot of work:

UX design

  • Not handed off yet

Quality criteria

  • No user-perceptible performance degradation
  • All goals are met
  • All user stories are implemented & tested