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WebRTC Platform Support

Goals for Fx25

  • Now that we have the support for video uplink and WebRTC preff'd on by default; the focus for Fx25 is to fix crashes and increase call quality by decreasing audio latency:
    • [ON TRACK] bug 902431 - crash in webrtc::videocapturemodule::VideoCaptureAndroid::AttachAndUseAndroidDeviceInfoObjects
    • [ON TRACK] bug 884365 - Audio realtime input clock mismatch (drift) blows up delay in MediaStreamGraph
  • Continued testing of a variety of network configs:

Goals for Fx26

  • Continued improvements to stability
    • [ON TRACK] bug 918372 - Repeated WebRTC sessions exhaust the JNI LocalRef table

Goals for Fx27

  • Continued improvements to decrease audio latency:
    • [ON TRACK] bug 864654 - Video RTCP SR's are never sent because of conduit split
  • It looks like a fix for, may be uplifted, but I'm confirming: bug 943461 - Camera LED doesn't turn off after stream.stop() is called

Goals for Fx28

  • [ON TRACK] Update to WebRTC v3.43 and complete related code cleanup to avoid any regressions
  • [ON TRACK] bug 946865 - LoadMonitor::Init uses preferences off the main thread

Goals for Fx29

  • [ON TRACK] Support VP8 codec (we currently use VP8 for all of our real-time video compression)
  • [PROPOSED]H.264 support
  • [ON TRACK] No support for Android 2.2
  • [ON TRACK]No support for ARMv6 devices
  • Bluetooth support is not required for initial release

User stories

Developers are the target audience for Fx24 and Fx25
End users will be the target audience in a future version

UX design

  • For the first release in Fx24, we really don't have "UX" beyond the drop-down asking the user to share their camera/audio mic upon visiting a WebRTC web page and/or inciting a call.

Quality criteria


With developers being the target audience, our assumed user demographic is one with a higher tolerance for bugs and issues
  • General quality allows for a ~5min calls that allow for testing on part of developers
  • We want to make sure we preserve user control and shut down gracefully upon calls ending so we're pushing for a "root cause" fix for bug 904784 - Local shared active media does not stop recording on tab close

Post-Fx24 GA [ON TRACK]

While we can't predict what may arise after we ship, we want to be sure to target our efforts and respond to issues that truly meet the bar for dot releases and chem spills. This includes
  • Privacy or security issues that put our users at risk
  • Regressions in basic functionality of the browser
  • An intense spike in start-up crashes

Fx25 Goals [ON TRACK]

  • Reduced Audio latency for ~5 min calls as compared to Fx24
  • [ON TRACK] A fix for bug 902431 crash in webrtc::videocapturemodule::VideoCaptureAndroid::AttachAndUseAndroidDeviceInfoObjects
  • No critical regressions we would consider blocking on

Fx26 Goals [ON TRACK]

Fx27 Goals

Fx28 Goals

Fx28 Goals


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