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2.0 planning page


Outreach for beta 4, with these locales:

Stas Malolepszy is the lead contact for the "special projects" that Mobile marketing team is creating for the upcoming launch. Status can be found here:

Release Engineering


  • Update: performance on scrollboxes has regressed heavily, seeing a number of hangs that are hard to reproduce

Marketing & PR

  • New blog post process - drafting B4 outline this week
  • Drafting video copy for press/FAQ
  • Meeting with Sync/UX team re desktop first run cross promotion, longer-term in-product notifications
  • Ad Campaign ramp-up
  • Video - mobile add-ons showcase, Firefox for mobile "hype" video
  • Launch campaign! (I'll schedule time to present in the next two weeks)

The Numbers:

  • Add-ons: 98 reviewed (198 total), 41 compatible, 15 featured
  • Sync: 3k ADUs (625k desktop ADUs)
  • 19 Top Free App in Productivity Category

Feedback Summary

Input: 48% praise, 49% issues
# 1 issue is SLOW

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
Text rendering 207
No Flash support New 16422 Dn 161
No copy/paste support 88 585875}}, {{bug|611741}}
No mobile view for 80 610393}}
How to disable popup blocker New 17 Dn
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 6333 Dn
Firefox for Symbian? New 22 Up
Firefox for Blackberry? New 23 Up
Problems with Marketplace New 175 Up


  • Follow up on localized mobile screenshots