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  • AIs from last meeting
  • --> AI (Thomas) - done: update rel notes with favorite add-ons and numbers: 98 reviewed (198 total), 41 compatible, 15 featured
  • --> AI (Mark) - in progress: pull together B3 - B4 comparison numbers (Performance) for RelNotes, prepare comprehensive Performance blog post (after B4 launch)
  • --> AI (Madhava/Thomas) -in progress: produce comparison video (with Rainer)
  • --> AI (Thomas) - in progress (see below): Device Certification, Release Criteria
  • Project Plan Update
    • Goals (top features and bugs): many bugs fixed to make things better for users, text reflow, performance (start time, sync, JS - 35-40% faster), scroll iframes, reduced memory usage, HW keyboard improvements, support Droid Pro, usability improvements, support for restartless add-ons. 
  • Android Device Compatibility Criteria Spreadsheet- e.g. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 (Northern Europe), LG Optimus 2X (Korea), Regza T-01C (Japan)
  • Dogfooding and Results from Internal Fennec Survey (Results)
  • Support for Droid 1 link - some of the Nexus S fixes will help us run better on Droid


2.0 planning page


Big issue is getting _something_ to test for localizers who are not part of the multilocale build.

Bug is here

Another critical bug.

Outreach for beta 4, with these locales:

Stas Malolepszy and Seth working with TBG to make sure l10n is on track.

Release Engineering


Issues to Know

Marketing & PR

  • Spark campaign planning
  • Ad campaign ramp-up
  • Jay at MWC next week
  • Final release video in the can
  • Sending mfinkle Start page graphic for Spark campaign by 2/15

Feedback Summary

Input: 48% praise, 49% issues
# 1 issue is SLOW

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
Text rendering 207
No Flash support New 251715 Up 161
No copy/paste support 88 {{bug|585875}}, {{bug|611741}}
No mobile view for 80 {{bug|610393}}
How to disable popup blocker New 18 -
Firefox for iPad/iPhone? New 6820 Dn
Firefox for Symbian? New 29 Up
Firefox for Blackberry? New 17 Dn
Problems with Marketplace New 105 Dn


  • Follow up on localized mobile screenshots