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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • IRC channel #mobile
  • Vidyo Room Warp Core


  • AIs from last meeting
    • Caitlin/Sayer getting implemented by EOW: Bug 540311 and Bug 627075
    • Set up process for getting Android Market stats (Caitlin, Thomas, John)
    • Scrape crash data (DougT, Blassey, John)

Firefox 4.0.1 (launched April 28): User Feedback Update


Release Engineering

  • RelEng have new shared marketplace account; bumpy but still good, and we know we can make it better
  • Split repo releases are working, and will most likely continue on through 5.0 release.
  • We're aiming for 6.0b1 as our first single repo mobile release.
  • Landing bug 557260 at some point this week or next week -- some risk for nightly/depend/try builds; 4.0.x and 5.0bX should be unaffected. First part already landed.
    • This unblocks work towards 6.0 release automation
  • All tegras now on remote power, (only ~50% were before); expect better turnaround times.


Marketing & PR

  • Flash error messages? (Other Feedback notes around usability)
  • Spark EOL, June 1
  • Media Campaign

Feedback Summary

Issue SUMO Input Buglink
No Flash support New 94 Dn 22 bug 630007
Need an exit button New 3 16 bug 659670
Cannot clear history New 13 19 bug 656901
Reformating text on zoom New 12

Swiftkey doesn't work in Beta New 2

Michael: When running Fx5 Beta and using Sync on both my HTC Desire and Droid 2, the application size ballooned to over 700MB. No problem with either phone using Fx 4.0.1 and Sync.


  • Mobile SUMO metrics
  • English KB articles won't start to get updated for Firefox 5 until late next week as we're waiting on new SUMO features to support Firefox 5.

UX and User Research


  • Ian not actually out - keep sending things to him!
  • see dev meeting notes for detailed breakdown
  • Looks like these will actually be in v6:
    • Discoverability animatino on first run (load about:firstrun in nightly to see)
    • Form Assistant Android integration
    • Error page rework and rewrite (mockup)
    • Gingerbread theme (mockups)- looking good, few more things landing
    • improved image quality (bilinear scaling)
  • moving on/back to v7 things (honeycomb, etc.)


Firefox Home Talking to a handful of iPhone users who have never installed Firefox Home to get initial impressions. Will have videos of interviews next week.

Competitive Research Conducted unmoderated First-time Experience runs for Dolphin HD. Videos to be posted here. (soon)

Android First-time Run Experience Usability testing will begin as soon as the code is ready.


Summary below, full update here

Opera had a full week: released an Opera Mobile 11 and an Opera Mobile Emulator update, as well as Opera Mini 6 for iPhones and iPads. They have announced 3 partnerships in China, Malaysia and Bulgaria and have released a new edition of the State of the Mobile Web

Microsoft previewed the WP7 "Mango" update, which brings IE 9 to mobile devices. IE 9 is based on Trident 5.0 and Chakra, supports SVG, HTML5, CSS 3. Several OEMs (besides Nokia) including HTC, Samsung, ZTE have promised to build devices with the OS when Mango comes out this fall.

Mobile phone numbers: Smartphones accounted for 23.6 percent of overall mobile phone sales by volume in the first quarter of 2011, but Apple, HTC and RIM accounted for 75% of profits and only 16% of volumes. Nokia remained the top phone OEM worldwide in terms of sales by volume, with Samsung on 2nd place, LG in 3rd, Apple in 4th and RIM in 5th.

Accessing the Internet is the second most popular activity on mobile devices in the SE Asia region with 50% penetration, the first being SMS with 92%.

MeeGo has traction with Chinese hardware and software vendors, backed by Intel.