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Mechanisms to Manage 'Tabs'

This section we research options for end-users to alternate between content.

DashBrowser Prototype

Currently as a prototype for 1.9 and can be tested in the N800 as it is available as an extension. Key points:

  • It;s a content canvas with thumbnails for opened tabs;
  • End-user can see all the content tabs ( thumbnail images );
  • End-user can click to reach a given tab, an animation happens, the Tab target content can be reached to focus;

Implementation notes:

  • Uses canvas to render the actual live tabs as static images in DIV elements.
  • Brad added a feature experiement request - double tap to brig the zoomout goes back to previous tabs space.
  • Somehow slow in Linux, fast in Windows and Mac.


  • Uncompress and Install to chrome folder as you run 1.9 Firefox make sure you open View -> Sidebar -> Slides Demo Zoom. Open a number of content tabs,, etc, then click (dashbrowser). You can zoom out with button zoom out for now.