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Previous Action Items

  • disable reftest 1-4 for pandas on m-c
  • allow panda jobs to be run on try server
  • bring 198 pandas online for running on try and inbound

Status reports

Dev team

  • Working on:
    • bug 810471 Crash on startup during various tests
    • bug 811411 Add ability to run C++ unit tests on mobile
    • bug 811793 Get at least a minimal subset of Android XPCShell tests running on tbpl
    • Various robocop failures: bugs 770483, 813107, 817440, 824067

Rel Eng



  • Tracker bug - 800 production ready panda boards bug 799922
    • All chassis are racked, issues with stability of the Android image when remotely flashed has been fixed. bug 819545
  • Working on a higher density chassis bug 777393 - This work has restarted.

A Team

  • total failure rate
    • android 2.2 [10.53%]
      • most of the reds on rck, rck2, rpr, rp are related to nightlies failing which is fixed as of today
    • android 4.0 [17.83%]
      • slow progress, not many data points as this includes stuff from dec 22nd
  • validated new lifeguard based installation method for android
  • updating talos to have mozcrash and updated android/breakpad binaries
  • plenty of robocop fixes/new tests
  • landed patch to speed up robocop tests by 10+ minutes/job

x86 automation


  • Testrun on autolog: REMOVED


  • New shinier faster dashboard code (with bonus b2g support) almost finished. Should be live in the next day or so.
  • Work for getting notifications for when dashboard is giving wrong results still pending: Hope to get to it this week.
  • Some dashboard results were off because of a telemetry prompt change which interfered with the tests. Will probably just delete results for those days.

Round Table

  • fixing crashes
    • do we need to report to socorro, desktop unittest crashes do not report there
    • these account for the majority of the [war on orange] failures
    • most are startup (usually java) and shutdown (*nss* related)
    • tbpl->bugs are not helpful as it creates noise for crashes; what is idea, what can we start working on?
    • bug 824760 - generating core dumps?

Action Items

  • [callek] bug 824764 - turn off reftest for panda
  • [releng] bug 825984 - turn on panda for try/inbound
  • [kmoir] turn on 198 panda boards
  • [jmaher] add x86 automation status to meeting notes
  • [wlach] file a bug and investigate "push-to-eideticker"
  • [jmaher] talk to socorro folks about reporting crashes from automation
  • [jmaher] look into core dumps from android