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Previous Action Items

  • Debug tests
  • Install flash on pandas - bug 958710
    • new panda image provided by ATeam to Relops
    • Relops provided to releng the means to place this image on pandas late yesterday
    • Releng to test this image over the next week
    • Carry over item

Status reports

Dev team

Rel Eng


  • Graydon got unblocked on 2.3 emulator (fennec launches)! \o/


  • Deploy flash on pandas


  • bug 960674 - Schedule Android 4.2 x86 Opt set S4 (only) on all trunk trees and make them ride the trains.
  • bug 956729 - Create panda base image to include SUTAgent 1.20. (Special thanks to ATeam on this one)

Fixed by friends-of-releng:

  • bug 961575 - No Android reftests running on Aurora/Beta
  • bug 961205 - Enable blobber for Android x86 tests; (awaiting full deploy)


  • New panda android images
    • panda-android-4.0.4_v3.2
    • panda-android-4.0.4_v3.3
  • Will send callek instructions on creating mozpool images

A Team

  • tegra failure rate: [1.23%]
  • panda failure rate: [16.73%]
    • excluding retries: 1.49

2.3 emulator automation

  • bug 910092
    • Graydon can run Fennec in 2.3 emulator on local computer
    • SD card is not mounting, so sutagent is not no tests running yet

x86 automation


  • Nexus 5s on order. No ETA yet.
  • Unfortunately the old recycled mac minis i have on hand I was going to use to partition s1s2 from mochitest-canvase appear to be DOA so I can't partition phones across them atm.
  • Autophone has been offline for maintenance since 2014-01-19.
    • I'm now on the mobile-firefox-dev list and will make announcements there regarding Autophone/phonedash status.
    • I have been testing some patches to s1s2 which attempt to recover from transient device failures by retrying device accesses when a devicemanager failure occurs. I need to do a little more work before I am satisfied, but expect this to help reliability. The Mochitest Canvas tests may also benefit from this approach but I haven't gotten to it yet.
    • We had some issues with the aws instance being too low powered for phonedash resulting in HTTP Errors submitting results and general slowness. glob upgraded from a t1.micro to a m1.medium so the out of memory errors I was seeing server side should be gone.
    • We have had some issues with the number of devices and memory load on my mac mini i use to drive autophone. Over time it appears dummynet eats ram resulting in the kernel using over 1G of ram and with the number of phones I had running it was causing issues on my 4G ram mac mini. I relocated the ip addresses used by the phones to a continuous range and I've been testing new ipfw rules that specify the ip address range instead of rules for each device. I need to review the results for testing from 2014-01-17 through 2014-01-18 to make sure the new rules reproduce the old behavior but it looks good so far. This didn't help help though with the kernel memory usage, so I'm going ahead and removing a number of duplicate phones from testing:
                              To be removed

device           dnsname            serialno               ip address     mac address       Android 
nexus-one        nexus-one-3        ht09ap802284   90:21:55:09:87:95 2.3.7
samsung-gs2      samsung-gs2-3      0009cfb9411b4f  20:64:32:21:35:70 4.0.4
samsung-gs2      samsung-gs2-4      304d19c38653ed7e  14:7d:c5:af:c8:e3 2.3.5
samsung-gs2      samsung-gs2-5      304d19fec32a7f9e  04:46:65:fd:2f:e1 2.3.4
samsung-gs3      samsung-gs3-3      501a2aa7       38:aa:3c:1c:f6:94 4.0.4
atrix-4g         atrix-4g-1         ta20709vkh     40:fc:89:4c:95:3f 2.3.7
htc-sensation    htc-sensation-2    sh1cft502258   a8:26:d9:93:fe:4b 2.3.4
  • Autophone will come back online with mozilla-central and the reduced set of phones later today 2014-01-22. I will backfill the missing tests and determine throughput with the new ipfw rules, reduced phone load and improved phonedash performance. Hopefully these changes will improve reliability of the results as well as allow us to add fx-team and mozilla-inbound repositories with a reasonable iteration count.
  • bug 961144 - Android 4.3 java.lang.NoSuchFieldError:
    • Tested locally by removing the password and identity references. Also tested with removing local from the build.
  • bug 960123 - Nexus 7 2013 jss15q crash


  • LG G2X was down, but is now up again
  • New fancy dashboard html is now up! Bootstrap 1.0 was *SO* 2011. Seriously, this new layout devotes much more space to the graphs, which will hopefully make it easier to spot trends.

Round Table

Action Items

  • Install flash on pandas - bug 958710
  • gbrown will ask graydon to attend this meeting
  • gbrown/graydon to consider using /data/local and no SD card for emulator unit tests