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Previous Action Items

Status reports

Dev team

    • bug 862493 Disabled 7 robocop tests for panda stability

Rel Eng

  • (kmoir) Coordinating bringing down masters so power supply work on panda chassis can proceed bug 860028


  • Still working on a higher density chassis. Just waiting for the prototype chassis to be fabricated.
  • Working on Panda stability issues. bug 860028 Replacing 5v supply wire and adj power supply output in panda chassis in scl1 - In Progres

A Team

  • total failure rate
  • Android 2.3.5 on Pandas
    • Mochitest - small number of unexpected failures (<100), but needed to remove another 150 some tests that would cause timeouts. One common thread is tests which require focus. Local/session storage also problematic.
    • Robocop will run.
    • By end of week will check reftests, crashtests and talos.

x86 automation

No progress this week, spent time investigating Android 2.3.5 on Pandas.


  • [bc] Working on adding x86 phone for s1s2 tests.


  • No Android updates since last week

Round Table

Action Items

  • Gbrown to follow up with the Tree Sheriffs to get robocop tests unhidden once more now that the strategic test disabling seems to have been done
    • Follow-on - once the pandas are re-wired, we'll send a try job re-enabling those tests so that we can see if those particular tests were causing reboots due to increased CPU activity thus causing a power spike.
  • Jake and Kim will have all the pandas upgraded with new power infrastructure by Monday
  • Dan will let us know at the next meeting where we stand w.r.t. the amount of work estimated to replace tegras with pandas running 2.3.x.
    • Follow-on once we know that, Joduinn and I (ctalbert) will need to talk with Karen and Blassey about their projected timelines for EOL'ing 2.2 support.