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Previous Action Items

  • Clint to have a prioritized list of both automation and test failure bugs next week
  • Hwine to have a task list for Android PGO
  • Jmaher to file a bug for mochitest not running on panda, and for not being able to run debug builds on panda
  • Mfinkle to talk with kats about the eideticker regression on CNN bug 777357
  • wlach to get mozilla-china person involved in ARMv6 bug for new tablet

Status reports

Dev team

Rel Eng


  • The reboot issue is fixed, after coord with wlach and jmaher and rest of ATeam.
  • Making large progress on linux-foopy (thanks to glandium I think last blocker issue is fixed)
  • New Tegras are mostly wired/powered/networked, just have to bring them into production





  • x86 onhold for now bug 750366
  • reminder: coop is covering for armenzg until the end of August


  • Developing a remote re-imaging process for pandas bug 764534
  • Agree on requirements for future panda chassis bug 778221
  • Working on a higher density chassis bug 777393 - dependent on 778221
  • IT will be expanding in SCL1 Datacenter for mobile device housing bug 774477
  • 81 new tegras will be put into production pool bug 767447
  • Building 5 new panda chassis for scl1 bug 777359

A Team

  • 11.11% total failure rate
    • M3 is fixed on inbound, ignoring that would put us under 7% total failure rate.
  • Panda Boards
    • adjusted resolution [via bootargs] again. This seemed to solve the running of mochitests and talos.
      • concerns as if this is the right set of bootargs? no hdmi output, but screecap and ddms work just fine
    • burnin script for hardware (based on Autophone) is mostly developed, sanity testing now. bug 776728

S1/S2 Automation

  • adb -> SUT change deployed (then fixed properly). This changes timing, so it looks like there's a regression.
    • I will rerun some older builds to make sure the "regression" is present there too.
  • Design for C++ cross-platform agent up
  • Work has started on it but running into some difficulties building it with all the necessary libraries.
  • Wondering if, since time is critical, it makes more sense to fix up the C agent first, so the B2G automation folks have something to work with while we build up the C++ agent.


  • Still no luck finding ARMv6 tablet, asked mozilla china, no luck
    • Looks like we found the original device that we were looking for, not sure if it fits the bill though bug 764491
  • Some patches for B2G starting to trickle in

Round Table

Action Items

  • hwine to figure out what the hardware requirement is for library reordering (really panda only??)
  • hwine to work with gbrown if emulator is an option
  • Mfinkle to talk with kats about the eideticker regression on CNN bug 777357
  • wlach to start the process of documenting our automation end-to-end