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Action Items

  • Clint to put together an ARMv6 check list
  • Blassey to get clint a list of desired devices for autophone

Panda Check List

  • A-team to deliver image to IT (ETA 10/5)
  • IT to image cards (ETA 10/10)
  • RelEng to confirm that foopies are ready for pandas (ETA 10/10)

Status reports

Dev team

Rel Eng





  • Pandas - Android
    • Developing a remote re-imaging process for pandas bug 764534 - in progress, integration testing this week
    • Reimage all Pandas in Chassis 2 bug 798519
    • Reimage all Pandas in Chassis 4 bug 798520
    • Reimage all Pandas in Chassis 5 bug 798521
    • Reimage all Pandas in Chassis 6 bug 798522
    • Buy 400 Panda ES Boards bug 798125 - purchased, will be delivered Friday 10/12
  • Pandas - b2g
  • Other Updates
    • Tracker bug - 800 production ready panda boards bug 799922
    • Order parts for 73 Panda Chassis bug 799808
    • Working on a higher density chassis bug 777393 - On hold due to recent influx of Panda activity
    • IT will be expanding in SCL1 Data Center for mobile device housing bug 774477 - Space is ready to be used
    • IT is expecting quotes from two vendors today for building the chassis needed to support the Android and b2g projects.

Jake is out for PTO/Wedding from 10/18-11/2.

A Team

  • 20.46% total failure rate - this is m-c android only, not sure why this is problematic (talos/datazilla network problem, a few hiccups with hg and clientproxy/foopies)
  • bug 799107 - add proper environment variables to robocop tests. This will allow us to get crash reporter working on them
  • Talos process name matching and logcat output now available. Need to deploy a new to deploy these changes.
  • Devicemanager now throws exceptions instead of returning None or Failure.
  • bug 799303 - Details on investigation of industrial strength sdcards for panda boards. NET: Use what we know for now and we will hopefully have support for these cards in the future.


  • Autophone system still very stable. One phone down, though (nexus one). Restarted it, but it went down again; need to investigate.
  • Working on mozpool; should have something next week.
  • "Lifeguard" should follow in another week or two.


  • Added support for pinch zoom (bug 797137)
  • Various additional work to help developers run eideticker tests on standalone machines (bug 747515)
  • Working on getting eideticker working with B2G builds; will take priority over next few weeks

Round Table

  • (armenzg) should "bug 722166 - Android tests intermittently just don't start" get some love?
  • TBPL android naming once we include pandas:
    • Tegras -> Android opt -> Android 2.3 opt
    • Pandas -> Android 4.0 opt