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Previous Action Items

  • Mossop to work with clint and joel to figure out a plan for getting testing stood up on the Native UI
    • success!
      • everthing is running
      • ts and twinopen pass which don't use fennec chrome
      • mochitest plain passes
      • everything else passes
  • bear to file bugs for getting nightlies and nightly updates for birch
    • bugs filed
  • [carried] bear will follow up with Armen to figure out his objection to a an email notification about no talos results bug 689625
    • bear will take over bug
  • [carried] joduinn to start a discussion of process in bug 689625
  • [carried] jmaher, gbrown & blassey to generate a set of minimum requirements for running tests on android
  • blassey to follow up with js team on bug 691073

Status reports

Dev team

no updates

Rel Eng

A Team

  • [failures] spreadsheet per test type and failure type
    • 8.77% orange, 12% total failure
  • do we continue to run browser-chrome?
  • can we hide jsreftest-1 and reftest-2 from the default view? those account for 57% of the oranges
  • specialpowers is almost done, more tests should start coming online soon
  • landed manifest file for android tests, releng needs to deploy the buildbot changes in bug 694741
  • when we will get stackwalk in automation bug 693352
  • jsreftest crash is still showing up, we have a fix that helps out; bug 691073
  • rss for talos collection is starting to come together bug 685632
    • WIP patches in place
  • native UI tests- we have mochitests working;
    • need to update pageloader and related talos tests to work in nativeUI
    • need to get reftests going

Round Table

  • should we disable or hide J1 and R2?

Action Items

  • bear to take bug 689625 from armen
  • joel to disable J1 and R2
  • [carried] joduinn to start a discussion of process in bug 689625