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Documenting the UX conventions regarding how the virtual keyboard interacts with the UI. You'll fnd that the conventions are grouped into General Guidelines and Awesomebar Exceptions.

General Guidelines

The VKB should close when:

  • Another tab is selected
  • Another awesome panel is selected
  • We're switching from content to the browser control panel
  • We're switching from the browser control panel to the content
  • RETURN/ENTER is used when typing in a search field

Basically the VKB should close when another screen is shown (not a popup) or the user completes the typing action.

The VKB should not close when:

  • A tab is opened in background
  • It is already open and the user pans a list
  • It is already opened and the user decide to pan the content
  • The user touches another textbox without releasing - as can happen when panning

Basically the VKB should stay active if the user does _not_ dismiss it intentionally.

Awesomebar Exceptions

The VKB reduces the screen space available to the awesomebar screen. There are some exceptions to the general guidelines, created to maximize the effectiveness of the awesomebar screen.

  • The VKB should close if the user pans the awesomebar results list
  • The VKB should not close if "All Pages" is selected while in Portrait Mode