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Possible Research Topics

Add your ideas here! What would you like to know?

Quantitative Research

In no particular order:

  • General usage
    • What is the breakdown of devices using fennec?
    • Given that we can identify a user through sync or other methods, can we tell if users are on desktop Firefox and fennec at the same time? This is important because it tells us whether we should think about turning fennec into a "companion app” when the two devices are close to one another.
    • Again, given that we can identify a user through sync: what are the different combinations of PC/Mac computers and android/nokia/iPhone users?
    • how many people are using reformat-on-zoom?
    • what are people downloading through the browser
    • what prefs are people changing
    • how deep are people going "back" and "forward" in session history?
    • Does the application integrate with external applications?
    • What do existing customers say about the product?
    • Does the browser ask to turn on related services?
    • Does the browser perform the tasks it was designed to do?
    • Is the web browser user friendly in experience and easy to operate?
    • How secure is the data of the user's?
    • Are error messages being displayed on improperaction ?
    • Are these error messages consistent?
  • Entry and Exit
    • How are users getting into fennec? Through the android homescreen icon? By following a link in another application such as mail?
    • Is fennec the default browser for this user?
    • How long is a user in fennec? What about users who explicitly open the application versus users who come through link?
  • Tabs
    • How many tabs are people using concurrently
    • Tab lifespan
  • Awesomescreen
    • How successful are we being in giving people suggestions?
      • are they tapping on the ones on the screen?
      • are they having to type?
      • which entry point for search engines are they using
  • Control discoverability
  • how are users accessing tasks such as new page, bookmark, back/forward, etc.? Through gestures, android menu, on-screen touch targets, or physical buttons?
  • use of the site menu? Are people finding it at all
    • conrol heatmap - what are people actually using
      • are people bookmarking?
      • are they using the forward button
      • are people using long-tap context menus
      • double-tap zoom vs. pinch
  • App vs Browser usage
    • How often do users encounter an interstitial page asking them to download in an android app? How often do they skip past this? How often do they download the application?
    • If a user is accessing a web app that also has an android app, do they ever use both?
  • Add-ons usage
    • how many are people using?
    • how many disabled/enabled
    • what add-ons are people using

Qualitative Research

  • how are people sharing tablets
    • home use - just personal or shared amongst family members
    • what issues are they having?
  • how do people use mobile alongside other computers?
  • what are people doing on their phones on a typical day?
    • which apps do they go to? how often? how many?
    • how often do they use the browser? and for what?
    • what browser do they use? do they know that you can download a different browser?
  • frustrations with mobile
    • when they first got it, what did they expect they would be able to do? did it meet their expectations?
    • what do they wish they could do on a mobile phone?
    • what do they wish they could do on a tablet?
      • book a vacation, watch video, write email?, write blog posts, read a book
    • what would you never do on your phone?
    • what would you never do on your tablet?
    • why do they use their mobile phone or tablet? Is it just location? (where are you typically when you use it?)
    • other than the small screen size and the lack of keyboard what is different about a mobile device?
  • what is the difference between a native app and a web app?
    • other than keyboard and small screen - what is the difference?
    • what are people missing? what are they expecting from their mobile experience?
    • how can we make their online lives comfortable?
  • how do people share on their phone via desktop via tablet?
    • share by sms from Home?
    • call from desktop vs phone?
    • this not only to draw younger people in, but we should target talking to them.
    • how do these actions integrate between devices?