Mobile/User Experience/UI workweek 2008.05.28-30

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Travel Information

Name Arrival Departure Transportation
First Last YYZ Date YYZ Date AirFlight
Mark Finkle 5/27 11:40pm 5/30 7:15pm AirFlight
Christian Sejersen 5/27 12:00pm 5/30 8:05pm AirFlight


  • Goals for the 3 days
    • vision and core UI planned
    • bare minimum requirements for Fennec 1.0
    • owners assigned to high-level tasks

Wednesday (aiming to start around 10am EST)

  • Panning/zooming
    • status
    • owners
  • How do we organize the code
    • feature-wise?
    • per device profile?
    • who are the owners?
  • What is the bare minimum feature set we can ship Fennec 1.0 with?
    • Review existing FF3 UI (in order to ensure we aren't missing anything important)


  • Review of current and new UI
    • What are the base principles?
    • Where is the current design heading?

  • Current vs. future requirements
    • Plaforms
      • Nokia specific UI?
      • native theming
    • screen size/dimensions
    • input methods
  • Ideas/brainstorming


  • Security
  • Assign owners to the various components
  • Plan for work week in Copenhagen in July



  • get Toronto people (Gavin, Johnathan, Neil?) up to speed and make sure that they have what they need to go full speed on both M3/M4 timeframe requirements and post-M4 UI -- where can they be of most help?
  • review and discuss (finalize, even?) the revised UI design that Aza and I have been iterating on -- it's a successor to proposal 8 and touchbar (should have some of it online this week). Look at breaking the tasks to build it into consumable chunks.
  • Security aspects/implications of our UI -- all of our strongest UI ideas involve overlaying controls over content, while, on the desktop, separation of chrome and content has been seen to be important for security. This is Johnathan's particular area of expertise.
  • what will it take to be Hildon-native? How native is necessary.
  • beyond the n810, what hardware we're thinking of targeting? Not necessarily model numbers, but a general sense of screen orientations, resolutions, and physical sizes; touch screens and/or non-touch-screens (fingers or styluses); keyboards and/or no keyboards.


  • UI vision
  • what input methods to support?
  • interfacing with native UI
  • organization of front-end code
    • based on "mode" e.g. touch/non-touch?
    • screen resolution?
  • what features do we need UI for
    • different for each "mode"?
  • review all features using UI in Firefox and determine what needs to be part of Fennec


  • UI Vision
    • Consistent w/ platform
    • do not want to stand out
      • mac version of firefox 2
  • Content Handling
    • RSS
    • Other microformats
    • Helper App handoff (consistent with the platform)
    • Downloading content
    • view port
    • user agent
    • capabilities
    • media handheld
  • l10n
    • what l10n's do we want to release 1.0 with
  • Smartphone UI
    • Samsung 320x320
  • Home Page
    • what should the home page be?
    • served local or remote
  • Extensions
    • how will people find and install extensions