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  • revise theme for smaller screens and lower resolutions (bug 475356)
  • drawImage of canvas onto self is incorrect (bug 473443)
  • Crash in nanojit when accessing on windows ce arm (bug 465205)
  • Content sink needs to be more responsive (bug 481566)
  • don't always show up in task manager (bug 482741)

  • Need idle service on windows mobile (bug 475361) (DONE)
  • JEMalloc (bug 478044) (DONE)
    • Pages do not load, not even the welcome screen - checkerboard is all that is displayed (bug 477956)
  • the rule for DIST_FILES should create dist/bin (bug 473411) (DONE)
  • software keyboard does not work on passwords (bug 482739) (DONE)
  • Not using full screen (button part of the screen (where the software menu keys usually are)) is not being drawn. (bug 481780) (DONE)
  • Single cached surface for painting with image surfaces (bug 480088) (DONE)
  • 15% Faster responsiveness (goal) (DONE)