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Major Topics for This Week

  • Quick updates
  • Landing plan

Quick Status Updates


  • cjones assures me that the rpc issue that breaks necko/e10s in fennec currently will be fixed soon.
  • Still need someone to help with getting prompts for HTTP auth (bug 537782). Design in limbo. Sounds like maybe dougt is working on something similar?
  • Download Manager (bug 552825). Brian Crowder working on it. Sounds like he could use some help with design--pester bz/biesi on IRC.
  • FTP (bug 536289) is getting started on by Alon.
  • Simple POSTs (not large files) coming soon.
  • Suspend/resume, setPriority soon.
  • online & offline events (552829). Fred is waiting on patch review
  • known issue: cached images are not showing up for some reason in test-ipc.xul.


  • Bug 506269 - dwitte reviewing


  • stuart / romaxa
    • Bug 556487 - Implement non-blocking IPC plugins rendering using current X-Windowless API and layers API.


  • 16bpp XShm is up and running, even on device, and waiting for review [joe]
    • Panning perf is still not 1.0 quality, but Joe's been pulled off for security bugs for a little bit
  • Qt painting update joe/romaxa


  • geolocation -- dougt rewriting w/ new approach
  • openURIInFrame landed (bug 561016)
  • remote=true browser bindings landed (bug 560827)
  • Fennec needs to support remote and non-remote browsers
    • remote=false browser needs to have the same properties (bug 562945)
    • Message handling needs to work for same-process browsers (smaug?)


  • remote VisitURI (516728) & (551181) : Still blocked by 556400.
  • autocomplete (552828) : fred going to work on it next week


  • trying to get mochitests going:
    • bug 562407 - pac from user.js not working for test window (i.e. mochi.test)
    • bug 562426 - chrome window not starting