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Major Topics for This Week

  • Quick updates
  • Landing plan

Quick Status Updates


  • Merge to M-C hopefully happening very soon--preparing patch
  • lots of bug fixes in the review pipeline: http auth, caching, app cache, suspend/resume.
  • Will need lots of testing, and we know for sure there are still things borken. Some of these (gmail) are hard to diagnose, and we're hoping tackling simple sites/problems will give us easier traction.
  • Redirects work still in progress.
  • Crowder, bz, and I making progress on download manager.
  • Bug 570867 - move AddCookiesToRequest logic from parent to child channel. [dwitte: could look at this next week. Pretty simple patch if someone wants to jump on it.]


  • Bug 564535 -- Permission manager (dwitte). [dwitte: swamped atm unfortunately; patch is simple though, dougt might look]


  • Plugin layers works fine with WindowlessX and Image NPAPI 556487 (2 weeks of testing)
  • Chrome->Content->Plugin - triple processes works with patch from bug 560630, but patch breaks windows builds


  • 16bpp landed yet?
  • Mobile/Layers
    • retained layers mostly working
    • cross-process layers working basically, slowly
    • need to prioritize and divvy up fennec work (see link above)


  • Initial work list is here
  • Please file bugs on any front-end issue

Autocomplete et. al

  • autocomplete (552828)
    • taken by dolske!
  • password manager
    • no update
  • form fill
    • no update


  • visit uri (556400)
    • Has been run on try server, almost through reviews and ready for landing
  • remote VisitURI (516728) & (551181) : Still blocked by 556400.
    • dougt completed both tasks and waiting on review
    • blocked on a couple of bugs; satchel has been rewritten in JS
    • need a way to get message manager from components (566024)
  • set title (566738)
    • upfront refactor work we need to do
    • after this, we will stub out History::SetURITitle for e10s


  • trying to get mochitests going:
    • bug 562407 - pac from user.js not working for test window (i.e. mochi.test)
    • bug 562426 - chrome window not starting