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Major Topics for This Week

  • Quick updates
  • Landing plan

Quick Status Updates


  • Merged m-c to e10s branch. Includes websockets, which we'll need to make sure it's turned off in fennec.
  • Merge to M-C hopefully happening soon--bz still reviewing patch. (see bug 571166)
  • Broken image cache will be fixed as soon as we know the m-c->e10s merge is stable. (see bug 537164)
  • Securityinfo apparently almost ready.
  • still lots of other bug fixes in the review pipeline: http auth, app cache, suspend/resume.
  • Redirects: wip patch, I need to review.
  • Crowder, bz, and I making good progress on download manager design.


  • Bug 564535 -- Permission manager. [dougt: probably do not need this!]


  • Plugin layers works fine with WindowlessX and Image NPAPI 556487 (2 weeks of testing)
  • Chrome->Content->Plugin - triple processes works with patch from bug 560630, but patch breaks windows builds


"Burned the candle at both ends" this week -- nothing specific to fenneclayertrolysis to report, but work proceeded on HW accel that's shared between desktop and fennec.

Fennec can be run with retained layers code, but only useful test at this point would be checking for retained-layers regressions in fennec's use case.


  • Initial work list is here
  • Please file bugs on any front-end issue

Autocomplete et. al (dolske)


  • visit uri (556400)
    • Has been run on try server, almost through reviews and ready for landing
  • remote VisitURI (516728) & (551181) : Still blocked by 556400.
    • dougt completed both tasks and waiting on review
    • blocked on a couple of bugs; satchel has been rewritten in JS
    • need a way to get message manager from components (566024)
  • set title (566738)
    • upfront refactor work we need to do
    • after this, we will stub out History::SetURITitle for e10s


  • Getting close on mochitest
    • Final issue on try: segfault while using messageManager.loadFrameScript bug 572149
    • Over the weekend began to be able to write to nsIFile objects from content - bug 572152

Addon Installation (InstallTrigger)

  • Works with patch in review, bug 550936