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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 265 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 265 (US)
  • IRC channel #fxhome
  • Room: MTV 3Z - Zombocom
  • Vidyo: tbd


  • AIs from last meeting


Engineering Update

Crypto / Sync

UX and User Research




Marketing & PR

Feedback Summary



nhirata's raw notes

Server side peices:

  • API investigation,
  • nice start w/ part of the back end that provides search; will be working on trigger search
  • addon side, slowly working on that. A little bit of work on the ui side and then send out
    • will work with fabrice on that part
  • write up on platform that could be used
  • stablility on that and trying to proto type that
  • layout and style for search result page... possibly done by tomorrow
    • front end coding
  • Search stuff in separate app; will merge to main app
  • email from dianne from user testing/user research land
  • hard to just fix stuff; not everything will be relevant; need triage
    • QA asking to be in triage
  • UX guys are out (for this meeting)
  • UR - PDF on stuff;
    • little stuff, need to get out of prototype
    • broadly usable for lots of people?
    • stuff we have is useful, maybe not in stand alone
    • maybe within firefox
    • need more thought on current value
    • rather than being overwhelmed,
  • QA :
    • nhirata to be on vacation from thursday to monday; back tuesday
    • QA busy with fennec
    • Question Should QA test?
      • wait until search is in and the ipad app that stefan plus the add on to test
      • recording the data of web serve that's pushed to server
  • Discussion:
    • addon that which makes pancake require no use of sync
      • just log in with browser id, validates the email
      • greatly simplifies the login process
      • can bring in / watch behavior for profile
      • decouples us from sync versionings
      • doesn't worry about passwords or addons, etc.
      • info stored in server; server side is set up
      • currently syncs to sync server then to our server
      • our data (mysql database of urls)
      • not complicated data structures. just urls
      • no encryption on stored data (urls)
      • sent via encryptions
  • Stuart:
    • different views of data
    • the ones we want to do automatically
    • we can start it from one that starts for you, and then you start building on it and customizing it, your own view, pinview
    • the default pancake views
    • search is a view;
    • currently search is the main thing
    • whole web; totally about search
    • when addon; search that looks at stuff you're doing
    • scratching the surface
    • doing more over time
    • only one view currently
    • UX guys to to take a look at classifying stuff on web
      • news paper, what are the different sections of it
        • technologies, business, etc.
        • does it make sense to divide them like that?
      • our own views based on that system
      • ~ 10 ? edit/customizable?
      • some more mockups
      • recommended versus pinned?
      • hybrid (my fav) + recommendations?
    • real goal to come up with real things
      • present what user wants 90 % of the time
    • would like pinnable site
      • need to think about more
      • not knowing what the default view should be
    • core funcationality out first