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  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 265 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 265 (US)
  • IRC channel #fxhome
  • Room: MTV 3Z - Zombocom
  • Vidyo: tbd


  • What is remaining for next milestone
    • iOS App update
    • Privacy policy
    • User feedback

Engineering Update

Front end



iOS App

UX and User Research






home meeting 08292011
Raw notes:
- focus on what's next for milesstone
- brownbag (pancake for san fran office)
- all welcome to make your own pancakes
- or go to san fran
- main thing : inform on what we're working on in moco
- part of it, how can I get involved : should have our story there
- putting together a page to sign up in form ; collect uid
- some more changes on server/client side
- we might want to hold off until thursday or friday, maybe even monday before pushing it out
- send a link to people
- email etc. needed for demo
 - st3fan : email that he sent out earlier , earlier
 - status update email : 
 	- iOS app : coming together, minor tweaks to make it pretty
 	- if there's time; pretty functional
 	- pretty much ready for demo
 	- backend stuff before we go live; data model changes
 	- question about that offline
 	- click back, tile on iOs web site -> update frequency 
 	- items will bubble up; push that to stating after this meeting
 	- it's not perfect
 	- good enough for demo
 - addon
 	- addon history broken?  briefly worked? not sure?
 	- are we going to ask people to use the addon?
 	- going to do that in part with the email that we're going to send out 
 	- one email to iOS users if you want addon
 	- one email to addon users (web)
 	- use cases are different
 		[ - one email to rule them all ]
 	- fabrice had no issues w/ the addons
 	- merging compatibility pieces?
 	- fabrice worked with SDK repro
 	- version compatibility issue?
 	- 1.0 sdk was run when having issues?
 	- many pieces : better start sites
 	- rank and sort sites
 	- some web sites don't always work on mac
 roundtable: any issues on more people?

 - privacy piece:
 	- want to add a few links to the sign up page
 	- to the addon login page
 	- to the site itself for the link to the privacy policy
 	- figure out where the links should be
 	- after playing around with it, will write a policy
 	- any questions will go to Stuart
 	- ian -> to link the privacy page
 	- bottom right?
 	- on ht epage before you sign in : the orange id button, privacy page
 	- on the firefox addon: sign in browser id : using pancake has little surprise for privacy
 	- remembers interactions
 	- most of what people would be surprised would be browser side/addon due to history
 	- more info : 3 paragraphs expanding : give copy later.
 	- show more see more, so people can understand what it does without having to read the full privacy policy
 	- addon more like a setup wizard?  few screens and acknowledge the data)
 	 - don't know if we have any time to do something like that before release
 	- love the idea for a wizard, for privacy, like the idea.
 	- a lot in history, but still would like some idea of what amount of information we are getting
 	- as we make changes and expose things, we may get a better idea
 - Security front :
  -> nothing changed
 - User Experience front
  - talk after this meeting
 - User Interface
  - nothing new to report
  - detail Ui stuff with St3fan
  - ian here until wed.  pressing needs tomorrow preferably
  - social integration
  - sketching through ideas through different tasks, what that does to our model
  - Katie is poking through things and looking through what we can do there
 - QA
  - .2 tested
  - .3 seen over the weekend
  - .4 out/ testing
  - nothign majorly serious, been reporting bugs
  - Bug 682937 - Clearing the search field does not show the list of thumbnails again
- Servers 
 - pull more into our own infrastructure
 - follow architecture
 - anything on load balancer VM?
 	- won't use that : build up a stack of machine and get that deployed

 	Best practices:
 	- write a script before sitting with someone
 	 - asking same thing to people so we have something to compare
 	 - record with flip camera
 	 - don't worry about taking notes
 	 - engage the tester, engaging is more important than note taking
 	 - don't lead : 
 	 	- questions that lead : did you, are you, would you?  
 	 - what why who where, how
 	 - what's the last the last time they did... ?
 	 - grounds them if they do last time?
 	 - always ask why?
 	   - tell me more?
 	   - can you explain that more?
 	   - totally ok to act dumb
 	   - it's not about us, it's them what they normally would do
next challenge:
 	 - how to find things that you wanted
 	 - don't need app to start those conversations
 	 - any questions : in interviews
 	 - write a script on the fly
 	 - what are some of the things you would ask about:
 	 (is it in the context of what we have in terms of pancake now?)
 	 - for the next 3 / 4 weeks, diane won't be here.
 	 - customer advisory board:
 	 	- starting then:
 	 	 - what they're natural habits are:
 	 	  - work flow
	 	 	  - have links and side groups together?
 		 	  - she wanted them grouped together
 	 		  - don't tell them what the app does, they come to conclusions of what it could do
 	 		  - made me think of the problems
 	 		  - don't know what it is that we're doing
 	 		  - how they would or wouldn't use it

- PDF on wiki and recordings as well
- Send script as well
- more of the beginning stuff
- who knows what's it going to be
- do research on this
- how do we find things on what people want?
- nice script?

1. Did you find anything cool on the last week?  How did you find it?
- narrow it in more
- did you find anything cool yesterday?  Social stuff?
- have you recommended things to friends, yesterday?
- what did you recommend to a friend yesterday?
- are these movies, are these books? articles? web content?

2. How would you improve the web browser/web browsing
- too broad

talking about web content":
	- go out of the web content first and then go in for content

- what articles did you read this morning
- where were you? park? train? desk?
- what device were you using?
- why on that device?
- why did they read those?
- would be interesting?  leaving it vague so that they can answer-> on twitter? -> news from twitter?  -> nypost?

- what did they do this weekend?
- recommending without sending a link?
- try to think the way that they are thinking? 
  -> possible answer -> called a friend to see a movie?
- what's your vacation spot?
	 - how they act ; grounding us to see what they are and what they do?
- what sort of things they search for?
 - how they went about the process?
- cool part is having an advisory board
  - understanding
  - sit and talk with them
  - need to come up with new questions
- get to know the audience
  - prompts for questions
  - sites they visit most frequently
  - search for everythign
  - URL bar
  - be interested in asking questions : how do people manage their to do list
  - what they do in terms of organization of data
  - for this case, have their computer/laptop/ipad, and have them bring them, and do a "let me show you"
  - take a phone and take a picture
  - make a template keynote to throw this in
  - fill this out
  - how to process the raw data to send back to the team
- how do you find things that you didn't know you wanted?
- how did you find about facebook?
- how did you find about *****?
- web app projects 
 - people don't necessarily remember them
- funniest thing on the web?  how did you find out about it?
- twitter? facebook?
- what was the last time
- what's a blog that you read about everyday?
- how did you find out about it?
- what was the last restaurant you went to and why?
- what was the last movie you saw and why?
- lifestyle things versus entertainment versus work news, versus news
- 30 minutes conversation; get data without too long/too short nor ackward
- 3 ; ian and stefan is also doing this
-> jason on offsite
- practice with someone else; can ask notes 
 -> portland ; over video type situation: record screencast? talk to crystal about that
 -> interviewing people : specific 6 aren't in portland
 - links to do so it makes it easier
 - sometimes they want to see your face; sometimes you want to see screen
 - record video sessions; record session 
 -  it license : screenflow and send it after
 - iPad screenshots, send it out
 - make some things work : even talking to them
 - voice is the most important part of this
 - 1 on 1 session
 - ask screen shots; try to get the voice.  That's the most important part
 - this first time: iPad ?  first time?
 - bring their iPad if they have one?
 - We should all have 1, if we don't they should
 - if they don't have 1, we should get it for them
 - scheduling and stuff : so everyone knows
 - coordinate amongst everyone so that we don't do more than 1 between each of us.
 - book one room on the 4th floor and have the time slots
 - in zimbra; mt view redswingline 2 to 4
 - bring the device w/ you