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1.0 release requirements

  • Data types supported
    • Bookmarks
    • History
    • Tabs


  • Login using your Firefox Sync account.
  • Allow the user to open URLs in the native web browser.
  • Provide search interface for awesome bar data.
  • Provide simple visual aids (for e.g. favicons, folder structure) to navigate through bookmarks. [P2]
  • Automatically start syncing tabs without requiring any manual intervention. [P2]


  • Decryption of data must happen on the phone.
  • Allow user to securely remember password and secret phrase on the phone.


  • Do not render the phone unusable for long periods of time.
  • Be intelligent about downloading just enough data at just the right time, i.e. it should not waste resources. [P2]
  • Be intelligent about only caching relevant information. [P2]


  • RC: early June
  • Submit to app store: mid June


Code repo:

List of projects for 1.0

Note: This list starts as of April 6, 2010 and doesn't include all the work already done.


Description Priority Status Details
Support Sync 1.3 API P1 Done Not needed, since we support 1.2 and there are no changes expected.
Switch search to use frecency P2 Done (2010-04-26)
First run UI P1 Mock-up done, we need a page to point to and backend support. Limi to create mockups
Review crypto code P1 }} Dan W and Brian Warner (also dolske)
Review networking code P1 Still looking stuart to help find someone
Visual update P1 Stuart is going to get Martell what he needs Martell to help make new icons for tab, folder, bookmarks, back/forward etc.
Unit tests P1 RUNWAY bug 550600
Web backend to collect email address during signup P1
Copy for web pages (email collection, done) P1


Description Priority Status Details
Branding P1 INFLIGHT bug 550603 The right people are working on it
QA test plan P1 RUNWAY Talk to Matt about QA resources
Apply for Apple developer account P1  ??

Status Legend:

  • RUNWAY - Waiting for design or initial planning
  • TAKEOFF - Ready for work to begin
  • INFLIGHT - Work is in progress. Patches should be in bugs.
  • LANDED - Work has finished and is in the product.



  • Expand internal testing
    • How many keys do we have available left?