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Mozilla webmaker logo-icon.png Mobile Opportunities Calendar
Owner: the Mozilla Foundation Updated: 2014-12-3
Planned and completed activities for the Mobile Opportunities team


  • DRI will pen a blog post each week on a public project blog

Planned Activities

December 2014

  • Creative Brief inc. (Paul/MoCo)
  • Mozilla wide messaging (Geoff/Paul?)
  • MNO Overview Doc (Erika)
  • Webmaker Clubs Overview Doc (Erika)
  • Associations Overview Doc (Erika)
  • Soft publish Bangladesh research (Laura)
  • MOI blog (Paul)
  • Finalize 5 contracts (David)
  • Secure n associations (David)

January 2015

  • Partner Recruitment (Ben)
  • dev (Paul, Ben, resources from ??? studio mofo???)
  • Soft publish Kenya research (Laura)
  • Refine partner doc (Ben)
  • Science Fair plan (Ben)
  • PR talking points (Paul)
  • Plug in Webmaker Club people (??)
  • Commit to 5 locales (full team; Andrew to make l10n happen)

February 2015

  • Private beta (Andrew)
  • Soft publish India research (Laura)
  • Prep final report (Laura)
  • Bangladesh Comms/Press Conference
  • MWC conference comms plan
  • Reach out to partners (Ben)
  • Bangladesh convening (Ben)
  • Coordinate GSMA and overall Moz messaging - Geoff, Pete, Ben, Paul
  • Final review of (Paul, Erika)

March 2015

  • MWC announcement

April 2015

  • Product launch (Andrew)
  • 1st wave direct user marketing to North American learners (Paul)

June 2015

  • 2nd wave direct user marketing to North American learners

September 2015

  • Launch in Bangladesh

November 2015

  • Equity program launch

Completed Activities

Week of Nov 24

  • summarize data

Week of Nov 17

  • Implement "Apps Near Me" discovery feature
  • Implement the "Activity" screen and push notifications for both installed app "update" events and social events via the MakeAPI (remixing)
  • Continue Kenya Field Test

Week of Nov 10

  • Begin Kenya field test
  • Synthesize Cape Town learnings and partnership prospects
  • AfricaCom

Week of Nov 3

  • GMSA operators meeting, Cape Town Nov 5 - 7
  • Partner recruitment
  • Begin initial payments prototype with Stellar

Week of Oct 27

  • continuous learning and reporting

Week of Oct 20

  • Mozilla Festival
  • Implement direct uploading of images for the user's image gallery (no video support)
  • Beaker (Apache Cordova)

Week of Oct 13

  • Initial support for "data" within the product
  • Design: Input block (text field). submit button, data management interface
  • Continue Bangladesh Field Test

Week of Oct 6

  • Begin Bangladesh field test

Week of Sep 29

  • Sharing Flow - Share applications via URL
  • Templates for field research trip in Bangladesh

Week of Sep 22

  • Updated UX flow
  • Development: Partnerships and integration points with FX Accounts, MP, Webmaker
  • GSMA Coffee House Talk and Panel with Laura De Reynal

Week of Sep 15

  • Design revisions and foundational work for our publishing / sharing flows

Week of Sep 8

  • continuous learning and reporting

Week of Sep 1

  • Begin Bangladesh field test planning
  • ReMo Camp Berlin (9/12 - 9/14)
  • Community Challenge to help in creating Mobile Appmaker

Week of August 25

  • preparation for start of field tests with regional experts
  • documentation
  • kick off blog posts for stakeholders +n

Week of August 18

  • finalize in market prototype
  • GSMA M4D working groups, Aug 19-21 in Dhaka
  • show our work and further partner recruitment
  • meet with local Mozillians in Bangladesh
  • meet with Grameenphone (estimated)

Week of August 11

  • UX engineering
  • Gaia optimization

Week of August 4

  • UX engineering
  • Gaia optimization

Week of July 28

  • initial user testing as part of Maker Party

Week of July 21

  • Engagement meeting with GSMA on themes for M4D (estimated)
  • initial user testing as part of Maker Party

Week of July 14

  • Meeting with GSMA and telco partners in London office, June 16-17

Week of July 7

  • UX engineering
  • emphasis on templates, UX, on-boarding
  • meetings with Telefonica, Telenor (estimated)

Week of June 30

  • UX engineering
  • emphasis on templates, UX, on-boarding
  • meetings with Gates Foundation, Omidyar (estimated)

Week of June 23

  • offsite meeting to accelerate whole project: SF office?
  • evaluate learnings from MozCamp
  • outline requirements for prototypes
  • outline requirements for pilots

Week of June 16

  • Core team prepares conceptual work for MozCamp
  • Appmaker team prepares activities for MozCamp
  • Both teams prepare contribution architecture
  • Appmaker co-design session at MozCamp Bangalore, June 20
  • Mozilla Reps given Open C hardware and encouraged to include Appmaker contribution in part of their action plan
  • dinner with Mastercard Foundation (confirmed)

Week of June 9

  • Produce several mobile authoring concepts in storyboards; evaluate
  • Implement a simple prototype in code (on-device concept, target hardware Open C)
  • Coordinate with MozCamp team on recruitment / action plan followup for reps

Week of June 2

  • Learning about existing frameworks and software
  • User constraints and motivations analysis
  • Research into apps scenarios, disribution

Week of May 26

  • Finalize team, begin work
  • Team charter, scope, and project management tools
  • Finalize technical requirements and constraints
  • Agree on project goals and success indicators
  • Learning about global trends