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Goals and Status


  • Land on what architecture we want to use: do we stay with dual architecture or do we move to a single, multi-threaded process?

Status: dougt is working on a build using the Java front-end for testing and evaluation by 10/7.

  • Improve startup time

Status: Java architecture helps us with this but we need to continue to plow through mobile startup shrink bugs.

  • Understand Memory Usage

Status: Pending, more info due by 10/7

  • Improve Perceived Performance

Status: We are defining what this means and how we measure/analyze it. Pending, more info due by 10/7

  • Improve Page Load, Panning, Zooming

Status: We have collected some measurements but need to standardize testing methodology. Aaron Train is doing a QA test day on Friday, 10/7. Stay tuned.

Testing and Benchmarking

  • Scale our current automated performance testing and benchmarking infrastructure so that it supports continued innovation and yields reliable data for engineering and quality assurance.

Status: Currently focusing on the reliability of Unit and Talos testing; we will then move onto adding new tests such as RSS. Dates to track incremental progress again is forthcoming.

  • Create standards of testing, measurement, and analysis to provide a concrete view into how Fennec performs to complement the above benchmarks to be then leveraged for ongoing crowdsource testing:

Status: We have an "approved" matrix of test cases and metrics we will collect. Methodology for testing and analysis due before Aaron Train does his QA test day on 10/7. Here is the Matrix:

XUL vs. Java




  • Integrate with Telemetry

Status:Work with telemetry team to integrate metrics to crowdsource results; will hopefully land on a plan for probes during the mobile work week.

Refresh on the Big Picture

All these details. Brain. Refresh. Need Big Picture. Now.

  • Provide customers with a mobile browser that exceeds customer expectations in terms of responsiveness by March 2012
  • Be faster than native Android Browsers
  • Be faster and better than iOS Browsers