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This page contains all of the important details for Mozilla Moderator, a tool for collecting questions or feedback about a topic.

A discussion facilitator

Moderator makes it easy for Mozillians to voice their thoughts in big conversations. You can easily add an idea/question or support someone else's submission.

Moderator is used for

  • Town Halls
  • Large events like Summit 2013
  • Collecting feedback (ex: People team survey about productivity)

Why Moderator exists

Moderator was created for large groups to have useful conversations. As Mozilla continues to grow contributors rapidly, the need for having meaningful conversations at scale is quickly becoming more important. With Town Halls and events that have over 1000 participants, Moderator allows each person to express their opinion in a simple way.

Problems it solves

  • Scaling conversations to thousands of people around the world
  • Collecting ideas for a topic
  • Submitting questions for a panel discussion
  • Participating asynchronously in global (timezone challenging) meetings
  • Allowing Mozillians to support a topic/question so it gets more visibility
  • Giving discussion moderators and stakeholders a way to see important topics and themes


Moderator was created in a development sprint for Summit 2013 and it is still hosted on development infrastructure. As the site is used more frequently for organization-wide discussions, moving the site to a production environment will ensure the site is reliable, secure and maintained.

Upcoming plans

Get Involved

This is a great project to contribute to since it impacts all Mozillians. Message us on IRC to say hi.

Here's how you can get involved:


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