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Do not edit this page unless either:

  1. you are a module owner who is:
    • altering the list of peers in your module
    • adding or removing a sub-module
    • changing the owner of one of your sub-modules; or
  2. you have agreed a change of owner or module addition/deletion with the Module Ownership Module group, probably via mozilla.governance. is the instance of the Bugzilla software run by the Mozilla project. Bugzilla itself has its own set of modules.

Name: (#)
Description: Development, configuration and administration of Mozilla's instance of the Bugzilla bug tracking system
Owner: David Lawrence, Byron Jones
Peer(s): Gervase Markham, Dave Miller
Source Dir(s): (b.m.o. lives in git])
Bugzilla Component(s):, Watching,,,, Interface
Discussion Group: tools

Sub Modules

Name: Administration (#)
Description: Product, Component, field and user administration.
Owner: David Lawrence, Byron Jones
Peer(s): Reed Loden, Marcia Knous
Bugzilla Component(s):
Name: Implementation (#)
Description: Developing BMO specific code.
Owner: David Lawrence, Byron Jones
Name: Infrastructure (#)
Description: The hardware and software running BMO.
Owner: MoCo IT
Name: Roadmap (#)
Description: Setting short and long term goals, and matching goals with technology to meet those goals.
Owner: David Lawrence, Byron Jones
Name: Workflow (#)
Description: Status and resolution workflow.
Owner: Gervase Markham