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Project Mortar is aiming to explore the possibility to bring PDFium library and the Pepper API based Flash plugin into Firefox.


Peter Van der Beken - Mortar Project Technical Lead/Architect

Evelyn Hung - Engineering Lead

Louis Chang - Platform Engineer

Ya-Chieh Wu - Platform Engineer

Bruce Sun - Platform Engineer

Luke Chang : Frontend Engineer

William Hsu - QA

Vance Chen - Engineering Program Manager


The exploratory work we've done so far was done in a private repository for various reasons. We are unable to make that repository public yet, but we're working on creating a new public repository to track this work going forward. We will also file public tracking bugs for the remaining work. Stay tuned !

2016 H2 Planning and Milestones

Current Status

We have successfully integrated Firefox with PDFium library and enabled basic PDF rendering functionalities. We see it as a proof of concept hence we will keep working on this project with the following implementation plan :

2016 H2 Goals

We are going to complete the following functionalities by the end of 2016

  • First/Last page
  • Previous/Next Page
  • Jump to Page
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Automatic Zoom
  • Page Width
  • Fit Page
  • Actual Size
  • 50%, 75%, 100%, 125%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%
  • Find
  • Full Screen
  • Document outline
  • Form input
  • Image/text copy/select/paste

2017 H1 Goals

For 2017 H1, we plan to implement the following advanced PDF Viewer features.

  • Save document
  • Print
  • Form submission

Release Channel

TBD, most likely will ride the Firefox release train as a system add-on

Reference Link

PDFium :

What is "Mortar"(Not a weapon here) :