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When you are organizing a MozCamp, you should start by creating an agenda page at a URL like this:<cityname>

Just type the URL into Firefox, hit enter and then edit the blank page you are given. Once you have the page, add something like this ...

Sample Agenda

<include introduction>

Event Details


<describe timing>


<describe location>

What will we talk about?

<need to write some standard text for this slot>

Proposed Agenda

This will be a BarCamp-style open space event. Some sessions will be planned in advance (see below). But people will also be able to propose short sessions and talks at the event.

  • 13:30 Networking and free coffee
  • 14:00 Introduction, agenda and session proposals
  • 14:15 Main talk: the future of the open web
  • 15:00 Lightning talks: short and exciting
  • 15:30 Coffee
  • 16:00 Sessions programmed by participants
  • 16:45 Reflections and closing
  • 17:00 Find beer and food together

Proposed Sessions

Currently, these sessions are proposed for the MozCamp:

  • <session name (presenter name, affiliation)>

If you're thinking of running a session, please note it hear so people know what to expect.

Topics I would like to hear about

If you want someone else to cover a topic, post here:

  • x
  • y
  • z


If you plan on attending, please edit this page and add your name below. Include a link to your blog or web site if you have one.

  • x
  • y
  • z