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Event Details


MozCamps are local events for people passionate about the open web. Each event includes discussion, hands-on-demos and collaborative scheming about ways to promote and protect the open participatory nature of the internet. Local Mozillians, bloggers, designers, hackers, creative commoners and other web aficionados present and participate. MozCamps are not just about Mozilla. They are about making the web more open.


Tuesday 27 October, 2009 (time not set yet, something like from 10:00 to 18:00?)


Location for MozCamp Vienna isn't settled yet.

What will we talk about?

The future of the open web as well as building and improving local communities amongst people working on open web technologies

Proposed Agenda

This will be a BarCamp-style open space event. Some sessions will be planned in advance (see below). But people will also be able to propose short sessions and talks at the event.

  • <TBD>

Proposed Sessions

Currently, these sessions are proposed for the MozCamp:

  • <session name (presenter name, affiliation)>

If you're thinking of running a session, please note it hear so people know what to expect.

Topics I would like to hear about

If you want someone else to cover a topic, post here:

  • x
  • y
  • z


If you plan on attending, please edit this page and add your name below. Include a link to your blog or web site if you have one.

  • Robert Kaiser (KaiRo, blog)

Organisation Team

Some people are currently involved in organizing the MozCamp event in Wien (Vienna), Austria. If you are interested to help out on some organizational stuff please contact the team (no mailing list set up yet).

Supporting Partners

The following organizations are supporting the MozCamp event at Wien (Vienna).