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Mozilla Camp Asia 2012
Singapore, 16-18 November 2012


Hosted by the Contributor Engagement Team, MozCamps are intensive, multiple-day gatherings that occur in strategic locations around the world. Over the course of two days, MozCamps includes keynote speeches by Mozilla leadership, workshops and breakout sessions (lead by paid and un-paid staff), and fun social outings. All of these activities combine to reward contributors for their hard work, engage them with our new products and initiatives, and align all attendees on Mozilla's mission.

Based on our content priorities the theme this year will be Mobilize Mozilla!, in order to both reinforce the strategic importance of our efforts in the mobile market, as well as the ambitious goals we've set forth for our community to accomplish this year.


More than 200 passionate Mozillians from all over Asia Pacific and the Middle East who are contributors to all areas of the Mozilla project will be invited to take part in MozCamp Asia. An attendee list will be posted here shortly

The deadline for participation proposals has already passed.

Need to Know

For all of the information that attendees need to know about MozCamp (and Singapore), please see Need to know

How to Help!

Want to help out at MozCamp? Great! Please see here for more information on opportunities to help make MozCamp a success!


You can find the tentative schedule here.

Tracks & Format

With the Mozilla Asia community in mind, we have outlined a set of specific event goals, desired content, and tracks that can be seen here...

Mission MozCamp

Mission MozCamp was a program for each person attending MozCamp to set a personal goal at MozCamp. Once everyone has their mission, we'll pair you with a mission partner who will help you succeed along the way. We ask that each person set their personal mission by November 14th.

Discover more about Mission MozCamp and set your mission at Mission MozCamp


Communications Channels

Official MozCamp hashtag: #mozcamp

  • Twitter: Please follow the official MozCamp announcements at @MozCamp
  • IRC: IRC channel #mozcamp on
  • Facebook: Please 'like' Mozilla & Firefox, and chat with fellow attendees here on our Facebook page.
  • Flickr: If you make picture and upload them on flickr, you can add them to the mozilla community flickr group, don't forget to also tag them with #mozcamp.

Internet @ Scape

Network: One Mozilla

Password: mozcamp2012

Internet @ Hub

Network: Hubbers

Password: HUBSG2012

LIVE coverage of MozCamp: Air Mozilla will streaming live at here.

  • Username:
  • Password:


  • Questions about travel booking and hotel reservations, please contact our vendor at: mozcampasia [at] e27 [dot] sg
  • Logistical inquiries: mozcamp [at] mozilla [dot] com
  • General inquiries: knaszradi [at] mozilla [dot] com
  • Questions about how to get involved: team-baked-goods [at] mozilla [dot] com

Phone Numbers

The full-time cell phone for MozCamp will be: +65 9115 8727

In case of emergency, please use these numbers:

  • Police: 999
  • Fire: 995
  • Emergency Ambulance: 995
  • Lost & Found Service Taxis: 1800 225 5582
  • Foreign Mission One Call Center: 1800 334 4800
  • Flight Arrival/Departure: 1800 542 4422
  • Changi Airport: 65-6542 4422