MozCampLATAM2012/How to reach the next millions of Firefox users in Latin America

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Speaker(s): William Reynolds and Winston Bowden

Proposed Track: Engagement & Localization

Summary: Who are Firefox users? Why should people use Firefox? Think about your family, your doctor, the supermarket employee you buy your groceries from. Do they use Firefox? Why should they use Firefox? Let's answer these questions together. In this interactive session and training, attendees will learn about current tools for talking to every-day people about Firefox, and work together in creating new programs to reach the next millions of Firefox users - especially those in Latin America.

Language in which the talk will be given: English

Preferred Day of Talk: Saturday

Presentation Slides (to provide at a later point):

Ideal Audience Size: 30-40

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): Easels with paper pads or giant sticky notes

To Be Completed by the Audience-

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  • César Carruitero
  • Marcelo Araldi
  • Leonard Camacho
  • Jeff Beatty
  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Andrea Balle
  • Luis Sanchez
  • Julia Capoduro
  • Ruben Martin [:Nukeador]
  • Arturo Martinez
  • Junior Villagomez
  • Gustavo Guedez (Tavox)
  • Marcio ( I coordinated a survey of opinions of Firefox users that are using chrome ( with significant ex firefox users ) about 150 answers among specific niche )
  • Lourdes Castillo (Lourcastillo)
  • Juan Eladio Sánchez (Jesanchez)
  • Percy Cabello (pcabellor)
  • Gloria P. Meneses (izel)
  • Jusaí Prieto
  • digitalfredy
  • Aldo Medina(Aldopy)