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Speaker(s): Philipp von Weitershausen (philikon)

Proposed Track: Technology & Product

Summary: Mozilla believes that the open web can displace proprietary single-vendor stacks for application development on mobile just as well as on desktop. To implement this vision and push the envelope of current web technologies, the Boot to Gecko (B2G) project aims to create a fully open and web-based mobile operating system. This means we need to close the gap between closed stacks and the web rapidly. As part of this effort, Mozilla is introducing Web APIs for new device capabilities, optimizing Gecko for hardware used on handheld devices, and developing web-based mobile applications.

This talk will explain the motivation behind B2G, give a general overview of the project, and explain some of the technology behind the scenes. There will be demos, of course. philikon will also be around for the Hack Day and Community Day and would love to help interested folks develop with B2G.

Language in which the talk will be given: English (Spanish possible if requested; please let me know a few days ahead of time.)

Preferred Day of Talk: no preference

Presentation Slides (to provide at a later point):

Ideal Audience Size: any

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): video camera (ideally mounted to film a flat surface) to demo B2G on a phone

To Be Completed by the Audience-

Submit a Question for the Speaker(s) or indicate what information you hope to gain by attending this talk here:

  • ( March, 30th, 2012, Marcio ) Can you bring a tablet and also show how the B2G infra can keep an application running as a service? I am specfically interested in the service ( realtime persistence ) cenario.
  • ( April, 4th, 2012, marcio ) In a discussion with a friend about B2G I thought would be cool to have Demo Studio to start awarding B2G devices.

Place your name here if you would like to attend this talk:

  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Pablo Lillia (gorlok)
  • Guillermo López
  • Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro
  • Gustavo Guedez (Tavox)
  • Fabricio Zuardi
  • John Hammink (jammink) - for support, to answer questions, get people started
  • Leonard Camacho
  • Willy Aguirre
  • Gloria P. Meneses
  • Julián Ordoñez
  • Jefferson Durán
  • Dany javier B (danyjavierb)
  • digitalfredy (spanish +1)
  • Guillermo Movia (deimidis)