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Speaker(s): Shane Caraveo, Mozilla Labs

Proposed Track (Technology & Product):


When was the last time you read a Privacy Policy, or looked at self-signed certs in the browser? How about cookie management? I bet you have awesome passwords! Lets face it, the browser does little to help the normal user in understanding and managing their privacy and security. This talk explores some of those issues, looks at projects Mozilla is working on in the area, and hopes to get developers and user experience people engaged in improving the usability of privacy and security in the browser.

For even the above average user, understanding issues around privacy and security are difficult at best, understanding how to protect your privacy and security can be near impossible. Web browsers could do more to help you understand your privacy and security footprint. Web browsers could be better at helping you do the right thing when it comes to privacy and security. I’ll take you through some of the ongoing experiments in Mozilla Labs around privacy and security, and as a group we can discuss some ideas around making the browser work better for users. I’m particularly interested in getting User Experience experts thinking about the current state of privacy controls in the browser and on the web, and what we as a community can do to improve. With enough interest, this session could lead into a hack session.

Language in which the talk will be given: English

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