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Presentation: Rethinking about Add-ons! Why not?

  • Speaker: Clauber Stipkovic (Web Developer, Ubiquity Developer, Add-on Developer and Mozilla Rep).
  • Proposed Track: Technology & Product
  • Summary: The proposal is to talk about what can we do to take the Addons to another level! How can we rethink the Addons different or do something different that we have done until today! The talk is more philosophical than technical, because I'll not show codes, but I'll show some technical thoughts! The idea is shake the mind of the community member and open some discussions about this theme in the MozCamp!
  • Language in which the talk will be given: English or Portuguese depending on the audience.
  • Preferred Day of Talk: no preference.
  • Presentation Slides (to provide at a later point):
  • Ideal Audience Size: ~30 would be nice.
  • Equipment Needs (Video projector already included):

To Be Completed by the Audience

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  • Marcelo Araldi
  • Béria Lima
  • Ricardo Pontes
  • Jorge Villalobos
  • Mauricio Araldi
  • Fábio Magnoni
  • Reuben Morais
  • Fernando García (stripTM)
  • Eduardo Urcullu
  • Vladan Djeric
  • Andrea Balle
  • Pablo Lillia (gorlok)
  • Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro
  • Lourdes Castillo (Lourcastillo)
  • Gloria P. Meneses (Izel)
  • Christiano Alves
  • Aldo Medina (Aldopy)
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