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Speaker: Ricky Rosario

Proposed Track: Technology & Product

Summary: An overview of webdev projects at Mozilla (the sites, the stack, some metrics) and how to get involved.

Mozilla's websites are all developed in the open. Contributors can get involved working directly on the sites or on the underlying libraries that are shared and used by many other sites outside of Mozilla.

Language in which the talk will be given: English, Spanish or Spanglish

Preferred Day of Talk: Any

Presentation Slides (to provide at a later point):

Ideal Audience Size: Any

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included):

To Be Completed by the Audience-

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  • Maurício Araldi
  • Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro
  • Fabricio Zuardi
  • Gloria P. Meneses
  • Jairo Ruiz (jaruiz33)
  • Dany javier Bautista (danyjavierb)
  • digitalfredy
  • Nicolás Demarchi (Gilgamezh)