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Powered by Mozilla Web finds Physical Spaces

A powered by Mozilla solution aimed for physical screens in public spaces; and an ambition to cause benefits to our communities

Proposed Track (Technology & Product)

TelaSocial is an open-source software project that brings the open web to public and semi-public spaces using TV screens. The talk highlights how the social web can impact our community spaces with an experience that is different than the Mobile or the Desktop metaphor. Marcio will cover how Mozilla technology and web standards fits in this story and the project's ambition to help local communities to connect, collaborate, and create common benefit.

The roadmap to this talk: the presentation covers challenges and opportunities found as the project matures with interactions based in real customers, partners, and collaborators. The case of TelaSocial is an under-development story. Marcio starts with a background of his involvement from early 3D works for television and hobbies in graphic applications, to an eventual involvement with the Web and a role in communication. He explores the connections between "out of the line" DHTML pages, non-functional crash-demonstrations, failed projects and how these interactions created a position, ideas and action towards a product and solution that sits outside mobile and the desktop — panels with a purpose for local communities. He will cover challenges and opportunities in projects that starts with contribution and moves towards risk taking, focus, and engagement with partners to face market needs.

Temporary slides :

Speaker(s): Marcio Galli

Marcio is a long-time evangelist to the open web and worked with Mozilla in various stages of the project and in different areas. Marcio started his career as a web developer creating DHTML pages in 1997 when he was featured as innovator at the What’s Hot Netscape pages. Marcio became a technology evangelist for Netscape during the days of standards enlightenment needs ( browser wars .) Before being full-time working at Taboca Labs/TelaSocial, he worked 3 years for Mozilla for marketing and at Mozilla Labs with early Mobile projects and HTML-based desktop projects such as Chromeless. Before creating TelaSocial marcio's early product design received an award from McArthur Foundation + Mozilla in Austin Texas during the Jetpack for Learning Educational competition.


Additional talk proposal details

English language

Preferred Day of Talk: --

Presentation Slides = Done draft 0.1 — asm mgalli at telasocial dot com

Ideal Audience Size — entrepreneurs and risk takers, engineers and lovers of the open web and collisions of digital and physical worlds.

Equipment Needs (Video projector already included): flux capacitor

To Be Completed by the Audience

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  • Leo Balter
  • Marcelo Araldi
  • William Quiviger
  • Fabricio Zuardi
  • Arturo Martinez
  • Eduardo Urcullu
  • Armen Zambrano (armenzg)
  • Julián Ceballos(JCeb)
  • Hernán Rodríguez Colmeiro