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Locations are chosen by a variety of factors, including:

  • Where we have active volunteer communities
  • Where regional growth aligns with market priorities
  • Locations that whose entrance requirements are *friendly* for our attendees (e.g. Allows for the majority of attendees to enter without needing a VISA)
  • Where the political situation is evaluated as safe + stable
  • Where appropriate venues are available during the proposed dates
  • Where there are easily accessible public transportation systems

This approach provides paid and volunteer staff a unique look at active local community, their challenges, their motivations, and a bit of their culture, and reinforces that Mozilla extends far beyond North America. Hosting a regional MozCamp has a wonderful side effect - it's seen as an honor and as a "legitimization" of local community.


Dates for MozCamps are determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • Dates of other MozCamps
  • Dates of large-scale Mozilla events, meetings, or trainings
  • Dates of important industry events or conferences
  • Firefox or other product release dates
  • Key-note speaker availability
  • Community availability
  • National holidays or any other event within a proposed country that may affect the success of the MozCamp