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Non-Paid Staff

Mozilla non-paid staff receive invitations to attend MozCamp based on the following considerations:

  • Level and relevance of contribution to Mozilla in the past months/years
  • Their proposed role at Mozilla Camp (eg. speaker, member of logistics/planning committee etc...)
  • Outstanding Mozilla Reps
  • Proximity to MozCamp (or presence in region)
  • Vouching from community lead(s)
  • Review by functional area leaders and Stewards

If you know of a non-paid Mozilla staff member who should attend a MozCamp in 2012, please email the following information to Kate at If possible, please email your nominations (including the information below) no later than one month before the start of the respective MozCamp.

  • Non-paid staff member name
  • Non-paid staff member email address
  • Non-paid staff member area of contribution
  • Your name (nominator)

Should I attend MozCamp?

When evaluating potential involvement it is first up to the paid staff to speak with their manager about how they would further their team's goals to engage active and core community in 2013 at MozCamp. With their manager's approval, the paid staff must then submit a proposal (when requested) detailing what activities they would be participating in at MozCamp (giving a talk, helping with logistics, recruiting active contributors into their work area). Once their proposal is submitted, it is then up to the MozCamp organizers to evaluate their proposal against all other staff proposals and the larger organizational goals and needs for both this MozCamp and region. Although some talk proposals may be objectively *great talks* they may not be what would most benefit the respective communities at this time.

Will every Paid Staff Member attend MozCamp?

Unfortunately, not all paid staff will be able to attend MozCamp. Nor should an attendee at one MozCamp anticipate they will be attending every MozCamp. When considering applying to MozCamp, Paid staff should first both reflect on their goal (and their team's goal) to engage active + core community members in 2012 and what regional location (as related to MozCamps) would best serve them in accomplishing this goal. With consideration to both the number of MozCamps (as well as the 2:1 ratio of volunteers to paid staff), we will have approximately 200 open slots for paid staff at MozCamps this year. Based on this select number, it is highly recommended that paid staff submit a proposal to attend a MozCamp in the region that will most benefit from their work/area of contribution.

Attendance Decision Process

The decision as to whether an member of paid-staff will attend MozCamp is based on several considerations:

  • Managerial approval
  • Content of talk or proposed participation as related to the MozCamp content priorities
  • Individual and Team's community engagement plans
  • Current community involvement (including one's role as a Steward or Mozilla Rep)
  • Participation in past MozCamps
  • Language abilities and cultural affinities

Maintaining a 2:1 Ratio

At each MozCamp this year, we aim for roughly a 2:1 ratio, volunteer to paid staff. By increasing the number of MozCamps, we are also increasing the ability and opportunities of paid staff to attend a MozCamp and not diluting the *magic* that happens with this ratio.

I Can't Attend MozCamp - how else can I get involved?

Grow Mozilla

The Grow Mozilla initiative helps all Mozillians achieve crazy and ambitious goals by helping to kick start your community building action plan with the objective of bringing in more casual, active and core contributors to your area of the Mozilla project. We aim to build and develop a global, inclusive workforce of paid and volunteer Mozillians to fulfill our mission and meet our top-tier project objectives.

All teams across Mozilla can tap into programs, channels and tools provided by the Contributor Engagement and People teams to create strategies for successfully finding and working with contributors.

For more information, please see the Grow Mozilla Wiki Page:

Mozilla Stewards

Stewards are members of teams who are working with Contributor Engagement to create and execute a plan for bringing in volunteers to Mozilla.

If you'd like to become a Steward or have a question for a Steward, please get in touch with us through one of the channels listed above or look for people with the Steward tag on their Mozillians profile (and be sure to add that to to your profile if you are a Steward).

For more information on the Steward's program, please see the Contribute Wiki Page:

Mozilla Reps

The Mozilla Reps (ReMo) program provides a simple framework and specific tools to help Mozillians become official representatives of Mozilla in their region. Anyone who is passionate and knowledgeable about Mozilla and who is ready to dive deeper into the project can sign-up to the program. The Mozilla Reps program helps push responsibility and authority further outwards, to more Mozillians, making it much easier for volunteers organize and/or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, and better support their local communities.

For more information, please see the Mozilla Reps' website:

For a listing of ReMo events, please see here:

InterCommunity Meet-ups

If you are unable (or not selected) to attend a MozCamp in 2013, you may also be provided the opportunity to participate in an InterCommunity Meetup. Similar to MozCamps, InterCommunity Meetups are regional events around the world that are orchestrated by Mozilla Reps that see the need to gather key leadership from communities in their region/country for a 2-day conference. Happening on a smaller scale, the objective of InterCommunity meetups is for community leaders to gather to share innovative ideas from their communities so they can be adopted in other communities, and address opportunities cross-communities cooperation. More information about how to get involved in InterCommunity Meetups will be coming soon from the Contributor Engagement team.

Where Is Mozilla?

As we continue work on developing an integrated event calendar for Mozilla, we are currently hosting all (non-ReMo) Mozilla events on the Mozilla Developer Network's 'Where is Mozilla?' calendar.

For more information, please see the Where Is Mozilla? calendar of events:

Mozilla Gathering Plan

The Mozilla Gathering Plan is a comprehensive plan that lays out the objectives our global events strive to achieve and a recipe card for event success.

For more information, please see the Gathering Plan Wiki Page: