MozCoffee V 4.0

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The fourth Mozilla Community meetup, MozCoffee V 4.0 , was organised on June 13, 2015 at Naturals Ice Cream Parlor in Connaught Place, New Delhi.

The veteran Mozillians Anup Mishra and Ajay Singh set the stone rolling at 11:30 am , with a brief introduction to Mozilla and its Delhi Community. It was gradually followed by the introductory session by the old contributors. Preliminary, the area of of discussion covered the different aspects of the projects undertaken by Mozilla.


  • Paths and techniques of contributions
  • Current Status of Mozilla Delhi Community
  • Welcome newbie Mozillians
  • FoxYeah Campaign
  • Upcoming events in and around Delhi
  • Community Health in other North Indian states like Punjab, Himachal Pradesh.

Highly enthusiastic Mozpacers assembled to exchange ideas for the growth and betterment of this open source community.

Key Points of Discussion

  • Demo by Sanyam Khurrana regarding the use of Slack for intra group communication
  • Use of etherpads and trello by the active MozPacers
  • Planning regarding the Developers' Sprint V 1.0
  • Ways to involve more people for contribution
  • Planning for the future events
  • Indulging people , who are not very comfortable in handling internet(with respect to the audience of Nabha event)

Growth of the Community

Keeping in mind the involvement of the people on various social media, multiple ideas were proposed to promote the official Facebook page and Twitter account ,free of cost.

Immediate Future Plans proposed after the event

  • Briefing of the next event, the Developers' Sprint V 1.0.
  • Reach out to more students of various colleges through their respective FSAs.