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Rencontres MozFR 2012


The event will start on 2012/06/09 10:00:00 AM till 2012/06/10 06:00:00 PM.


Paris, France, EMEA


This event is owned by kaze


It is estimated that 10-50 people will be at the event.


Meetup of the french-speaking mozilla contributors.

The French-speaking Mozilla community didn’t survive the recent changes — the most active contributors have become very bitter and decided to leave the project. :-/

It’s very sad but now we have to move on. The first required action is to have these former contributors transmit their know-how to new volunteers, and this has to be done before the Summer time.

We have to build a community that doesn’t rely on a small group of highly active people, but on a (hopefully) much larger group of less active contributors. We were focused on l10n tasks and FLOSS events; we’re proposing to rebuild the community around five activity groups: l10n, dev, support, evangelism, propaganda.

We also have to gather the whole community around MozFR. So far we had three groups (Frenchmozilla, Xulfr, Geckozone) and these three groups are dying… we have to team up and get these people to better know each other.

Last but not least, we have to meet everybody and work on the technical infrastructure to help contributors to get more efficient. We see a few new nicks on #frenchmoz, it’s time to turn these nicks into real-life contributors. ^^

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Activity Groups

One of the main goals of this event is to create the five activity groups around which we hope to rebuild the French-speaking community during the MozFR-2012 event.


= localization of Mozilla products and communication/marketing supports.

In the last year, we lost the contributors who were providing ~70% of the regular l10n activity… We have to train new contributors and organize ourselves very differently. That’s an emergency now.

Development (site to be rebuilt)

= mostly webdev + admin for the MozFR website (, but we also have quite a few Mozilla-oriented projects in mind implying French-speaking contributors.

In France we had a lot of XUL-based projects. As it becomes more and more clear that XUL is being deprecated, the whole website becomes meaning less and many long-time contributors are leaving.

We have to focus on open web technologies and convert our XUL folks into OpenWebApps enthusiasts. The aim here is to make Mozilla look cool again and start projects that aren’t Firefox-centric.

Support (site to be rebuilt)

= merge the whole French-speaking community by involving the folks in the MozFR project.

Geckozone contributors have been doing an awesome job providing quick and sharp user support for a long time now, and they’re a very good QA feedback. On the down side, their portal is more than outdated and their whole website needs a serious revamp.

So far they always refused to be helped directly by Mozilla, but there are good chances they’d accept to join a broad MozFR community. It’s time to team up and gather all forces.


= spread Mozilla and Open Web technologies to developers and students.

We feel like there’s a huge potential for that in Paris, as this city is very active in this area. There’s also a very significant need of (localized) documentation.

We started education projects three years ago, e.g. with the Mozilla Technology courses Laurent Jouanneau and Kazé provide each year in the University of Évry, and this year we’re getting interest of a few other universities. To achieve this in a country where computer science is very Java-oriented, we need a pool of talented folks — and I think we’re about to have it.

Propaganda -

= spread Mozilla products and values to end users.

This is obviously the point that raised an eye from the marketing employees in the Paris office. Just to be clear: don’t expect community members to be «non-profit marketing guys».

The approach is rather to have a pool of talented people who aren’t techies nor translators but are enthusiastic about spreading Mozillian values. So far we relied on Mozilla developers (employees/volunteers) and FLOSS events, now we’re trying to empower non-techies to represent Mozilla in other kinds of events.