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What is MozFest House?

MozFest House is an extension of MozFest, the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world. It’s a local event that manifests the essence of MozFest in a regional setting, through small in-person sessions, workshops, discussions.

Our partners, friends and allies host their own sessions to interrogate how issues such as bias, transparency, movement building, and data stewardship are affecting local policies, security, and community.

It is a moment to be reflective of how globally recognizable issues affect the internet health movement but from local perspectives - such as education, local government, and communities.

MozFest House allows for the connections, collaborations, and learnings to be taken home from MozFest and continue to be built upon and learnt from. In turn, MozFest House supports local initiatives momentum towards the next MozFest. The core of MozFest, its ability to harness the power of unexpected partnerships to reimagine our online world, remains true at MozFest House.

The History of House

Back in 2017, MozFest House started as a pre-week to the MozFest weekend (then, live in London) where we took over a single venue (our House!) in the center of the city. This enabled our friends and allies to host their own decentralized programs for a defined audience on a set topic. The House was buzzing with sessions, discussions, conversation corners, art installations and socials from partners such as the BBC R&D team, Beta NYC, Interledger Foundation, MisInfoCon and many more!

MozFest, our keystone event, has been online and coming to you since 2021, so wherever you are in the world you can join us. As the world opened up again, we hosted more locally-focused programs on a regional level to align with the wider global issues around the globe.