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The open web is awesome. But it's under threat. We can only win if we all take action.

If you're fighting for an open web, we want to offer you the opportunity to claim a free Firefox OS “Flame” reference device at MozFest 2014. But this free device comes with a sincere ask. We need you to join the fight and build the web we want.

We think everyone deserves access to a free and open web. But more than access, we think everyone deserves an opportunity— a web that unlocks their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We all want a web that helps people know more, do more, and do better. Help us make that happen.

Free? What's the catch?

Yes, it's free. Really. But we have only a limited number of devices available. So, please—if you're unable to take action for the web, let someone else claim a device before you.

We have outlined 5 ways you can contribute. They're definitely not the only 5 ways you can contribute—anyone can share their time and skills to contribute to a better web.

We do ask that you take at least one concrete action before the end of the year. Teach a skill or write a line of code. Pick up the phone and call your congressman about net neutrality. Give the phone to a young person and blog about what happens. Whatever your heart tells you to do.

There are tens of thousands of us fighting for the open web, and we're active in nearly every country on the globe. Join us, and take action right now to build and protect the web that we want.

Five ways to contribute to the open web

What will you do?

Sign up for and

Do it now! It's fast, easy, and the best way to stay in touch and continue working together to build and protect the web. |

Use and break the phone. File a bug.

Firefox OS is built by a community of volunteers around the world. If you take a phone, make it your main phone for a while! Use it. Break it. Find bugs. File bugs for things that need fixing, or that could be better.

And, while you're at it—you can help other Firefox OS users on Twitter by participating in the Army of Awesome.

Teach the web

Everyone in the world deserves to be web literate. You can help by teaching web skills to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Whether you're showing a family member how to change their privacy settings, or helping a young person to make their first web app, it really is the case that people of all skills levels can teach the web. All you need is an hour and a meeting place.

Consider running a Maker Party event. With 2-5 participants, hosting a small event is a fun way to spend an hour on a rainy day, hang out as a family, learn to hack with a friend. There are also tips & resources for hosting bigger events. They're a great way to convene a community.

However you want to teach the web, we've got you covered. Head over to and start teaching. Then collect the Webmaker Skill Sharer Badge.

Contribute code, content or documentation

This is a big one.

Even if you're just getting started coding, you can contribute to an open source project. Really. It's super easy, and we'll show you how. Some examples:

Help people make their first web app. You can write new blocks for the Webmaker mobile app, to extend its functionality. Here's our getting started guide for new contributors.

Help improve Firefox OS. You can take an open Firefox OS ticket and work on the world's only truly open mobile OS.

Help people make HTML5 apps. You could help write better documentation to enable developers to use HTML5 and other open web technologies.

Write a new HTML5 app of your own. You can write a new HTML5 app and share it in the Mozilla Marketplace.

Help improve You can help us improve other parts of, by sharing new teaching kits and curriculum, or hacking on our events platform, Thimble, or Appmaker.

Spread the web in all the world's languages. Mozilla's translation and localization (l10n) efforts spread Firefox and other products throughout the world, and bring the web to people in their native languages. It breaks down linguistic barriers to accessing the web, and you can get started by heading over to

Or you could write something entirely new to teach or help people take control of their online lives. It's up to you!

Mozilla is a non-profit. And we're up against the big guys. Consider making a donation this year.

More ideas

Go to for more ideas and ways to help the open web.

How to get your device

We have only a limited number of devices available. Devices will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis on Sunday morning. So arrive early!

To receive a phone, you must be 14 or older, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Mozilla employees, please acquire test devices through internal request.

Please, only consider taking a device if you will get involved in building and protecting the web. Otherwise, consider letting another person take the device. Any unclaimed devices will be donated to Webmaker mentors.


Make stuff, break stuff with your new Flame at MozFest

Check out The Mobile Web track at MozFest, where you can get help on all kinds of things, like...

  • upgrading your new Flame device...
  • getting involved in designing, building and testing Webmaker mobile...
  • quickly creating and sharing simple apps with Appmaker and Snapp...
  • getting active in Firefox OS and HTML5 web platform development...
  • and much more.

Head on up to the 6th floor and say hello!

What if I couldn't make it to MozFest this year?

We have reserved some devices for community members who couldn’t make it to the event. Stay tuned for details.

One last thing...

As members of the Mozilla community, you’re the scrappy underdogs. Together we’re fighting for a web where people know more, do more, and do better. When you think about what we’re up against, we are hitting way above our weight level. And that’s only possible because of the power of community. We can build the web we want.

Welcome to your new Flame

For details on the device, visit:

Updates on your Flame

We encourage you to join the following mailing list to receive periodic updates on software builds and other news affecting your Flame device:

Firefox OS 2.0

You can stay ahead of the curve and update your phone to a newer, better, prettier and more feature-packed version of Firefox OS:

Other questions?

Email to get answers to anything we haven't covered here.