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The Mozilla IoT Team is a small team inside the Emerging Technologies department at Mozilla, working on the Internet and Web of Things.


We envision an open and decentralized Internet of Things that puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.


Our mission is to create a Web of Things implementation which embodies Mozilla’s values and helps drive IoT standards for security, privacy and interoperability.


We're currently working on a prototype Web of Things gateway implementation. Our initial goals are:

  • Able to turn both ZigBee and Z-Wave smart plugs on and off from a web page using a Web of Things approach
  • Able to securely access IoT devices from inside and outside the local network
  • Make this software available as a package for Raspberry Pi 3 which allows the community to try out this functionality

Source Code


This is a proposal for a common data model and a REST API for the Web of Things. The Thing Description provides a vocabulary for describing physical devices connected to the World Wide Web in a machine readable format with a default JSON encoding. The Web Thing API provides a web services based programming interface with a RESTful design for applications to access the properties of devices, request the execution of actions and subscribe to events representing a change in state.


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