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Pmlogo.jpg Popcorn Maker
Owner: Brett Gaylor, Bobby Richter, Ben Moskowitz, CDOT Updated: 2012-02-1
A development tool and community layer for Popcorn.js

About this project

Source [edit]

Issue Tracker

Popcorn Maker:

Butter API:


Q1 0.3 (Now — March 31st)



  • Create server component (Cornfields) of Popcorn Maker
    • authentication via BrowserID
    • user accounts for saving project data
    • ability to publish results to our server


  • Re-create template gallery / first run screen to be intuitive and attractive to users


  • Improve existing templates (overlay, map + pop video) to ensure top-to-bottom functionality; represent true "vertical slice" of Popcorn Maker experience
    • fully support youtube
    • ability to publish + save
    • pre-populated with engaging content
    • little to no "rage" from broken or half-baked parts
  • Create popcorn-powered video tutorial for how to use Popcorn Maker


Q2 (0.6) (April 1st — June 31st)


  • Instant feedback / update
    • templates update as data is added
    • a la Love Bomb, you can pull up HTML editor and change template in real time
  • X-Ray Goggles integration - editor as part of app
  • Multiple media element support (fallback)
  • Multiple timeline support
  • Timeline control plugins
  • Media sync plugins


  • More robust publish, sharing (via embeds)
  • Collaborative editing
  • a branch of popcorn maker that supports video encoding + hosting
    • q: do we develop, or leverage existing solutions such as zencoder,


  • MVP badges award integration
  • Drop plugins onto page region to add
    • highlight popcornable regions ala X-Ray
  • Copy and paste events from the timeline
  • Implement style guide for app + templates - refresh look and feel
    • clean CSS groundwork for future hacking
    • rich editors (use style guide)
  • Improve perceived speed of app
    • transitions, fades etc

Q3 (0.9) (Ending September 31st)


  • Interaction between multiple timelines / popcorn instances
  • make editor / UI scriptable for those templates
  • ability to import plugins


  • AMO / Marketplace integration


  • UI for multiple popcorn instances
  • New, simple UI trays based on what we've learned
  • conditional events
  • user inputs
  • Focus on Mobile ( but we should plan for this starting now)
  • have robust testing infra for popcorn maker


3D, WebGL plugins

Q4 1.0 End December 31st

1.0 launch at MozFest, November


  • Create template from scratch from within app
  • XML writer/inspector




Get Involved

Development takes place on the Web Made Movies issue tracker:

Check out our new website Mozilla Popcorn