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Mozilla Community in Portland, Oregon


Mozilla's Portland Office is staffed 9-5 weekdays.

Community Space:

  • There is space available for community events like user groups, lectures, talks, and demos. Check out People:MozSpaces Guildlines and People: MozSpaces Guidelines: Portland to learn more about hosting events at MozPDX.
  • The space has a maximum capacity of 40 sitting or 100 standing
  • There is a podium, A/V equipment, and broadcasting/recording capabilities available
  • Community events require:
    • A sponsor who will attend the event who works in the Mozilla office
    • An appropriate amount of lead time to organize and notify people
  • If you're interested in using this space please talk to a Mozilla employee about getting your event on the calendar.


If you're a Portland Mozillian or would like to learn who is, check out the Portland Group in the Mozillians directory!

Places to eat/drink/meet in Portland

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