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Major Outstanding Items

  • Lack of Automated Unit / Functional Testing
    • Started adding some of these.
  • Excessive Redundant Data Collection
  • UX For Opt-in
  • Integrate into Fennec
  • Separate Process Split
    • run stumbler service as a separate process, Android *should* be less likely to kill it. The OS kills processes based on resource usage, so Fennec is likely to be killed when not in use.
    • code-wise this is trivial, but ensure mobile team has no concerns.
      • ^^^ Current request is to run under Fennec process, I am fine to start with that ^^^

Passive Stumbling Overview

  • Primary repo remains MozStumbler GitHub, code will be pushed periodically to m-c. Code will be tagged in GitHub for 'releases' that are pushed to m-c.
  • Broadcast receiver specified in manifest xml starts the passive listening service on boot (consider other events?)
  • Passive listening service will get GPS location events after other apps have requested a GPS location
    • Service will then scan wifi and cell
  • Service needs to check Fennec setting for geolocation sharing is on/off
  • Periodically, service uploads stumbling data to MLS. Frequency of upload is not yet complete: may depend on both the number of collections, and the age of the current non-uploaded batch.
  • Local data storage is cleared after upload.
  • Batches 2 weeks old that have not been uploaded are deleted (Not yet implemented)
  • Don't run when battery <15%.