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MozConnect is our annual event to collaborate in central India region with the clear ambition to unite our efforts to build a better community, Since last year, we have grown tremendously and had some very successful and productive events for almost all Mozilla Projects.As an education hub we still have lots of opportunities to grow ourselves and to find good sustainable contributors.

This year we are coming up with more aggressive approach putting focus on growing contributor base from Madhya Pradesh. To achieve this goal we are planning to invite active contributors from Madhya Pradesh region to come put their thoughts for building a better strategy and roadmap for this year.

We have done a great Job for community from past two year and Mozconnect events were key events of these growth.In just two years we have been successful in planting community base in Bhopal, Indore , Ujjain, Gwalior , Jhansi and other parts of Madhya Pradesh. We also got 5 Reps from our region.

Mozconnect 2015 is focused on creating a productive pathway for Madhya Pradesh community. Aim is to unite all sub communities and make them a single united community for state. This will enable knowledge exchange between cities and enable a better communication with no conflicts of interest. So we are coming up this time as Mozilla Madhya Pradesh Community.

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Event Structure

This MozConnect will be organized at two different location. Bhopal & Indore. Reason is to put a greater impact on these two education hubs. Our expectations for attendance this time is 700 to 1000 persons each location.

Lightening Talks

This year we will facilitate lightening talks from Mozillians, Each Mozillian will be presenting lightening talks to audience. we are expecting lightening talk request from other non-Mozillians speaker's too.


This year the session will be power sessions, Power sessions facilitate Speaker and audience to sit together and learn unlike other boring corporate style sessions. The sessions will be focused on:

  • Sessions from Speakers
  • Hackathons
  • Speed Geeking and Rapid Demos
  • Showcase (FFOSx Devices and Gear Store)


This year we are putting Hackathons for L10n, FFOSx Apps & Webmaker respectively. Hands-On hakathons yields more attention of attendees.

L10n Objective The goal for the L10n hackathon would be to get audience started with L10n for local languages like Hindi, Marathi and Urdu. We are expecting to translate 2000+ string in this hackathon. There will be a bug bash to resolve existing RTL bugs for Urdu language expecting 5+ bugs to be resolved.

FFOSx Objective FFOSx is always a hot choice for participants. The goal for this workshop is to teach participants about FFOSx app development and let them create Apps for Marketplace. We are expecting 5+ apps(Not hello world apps) from this workshop.

Webmaker Objective We are trying to present a brand new learning experience not just for participants but for Parents. Yes, We are calling some parents to the event for learning Webmaker Parenting. This is an experimental concept to teach parents about Web so that they can later teach their Family and Children. The objective is clear and solid. Teach participants about Webmaker tools, Show them how to use Appmaker to create apps. Our expectations would 40+ Makes from this Workshop.

Speed Geeking | Rapid Demos

We are putting up Booths in Open Space for L10n, Webmaker, FFOSX, SUMO, FSA

After Lunch all these booths will be opened up for audience. If someone is not attending a workshop then they can freely move around these booths to learn new and exciting stuff about Mozilla projects. We will be doing Speed Geeking to manage large audience groups.


We are planning to have a separate session on WoMoz in-order to increase the female contributors into the FOSS world. We believe that Open Source needs more women! :) Contribute with us :)


  • Soumya Deb - Mozilla Ex-Council ,Reps Mentor & Platform Evangelist at RedHat.
  • Sayak Sarkar - Mozilla Ex-Council, Reps Mentor & Software Developer at RedHat.
  • Chandrakant Dhutadmal - Localization Engineer at RedHat.
  • Sara Khan - Mozilla Reps Mentor & Software Developer at Xento Systems.
  • Faisal Aziz - Mozilla Reps Mentor & Business Analyst at InfoBeans Technologies.


  • Faisal Aziz Mozilla Reps Mentor
  • Shafique Patni Mozilla Rep
  • Mrinal Jain Mozilla Rep
  • Vaibhav Bajaj Mozilla Rep
  • Chandan Baba Mozilla Rep
  • Rahul Talreja Mozillian
  • Shashank Jaiswal Mozillian
  • Shubham Geete Mozillians
  • Arpit Singhal Mozillians
  • Divya Thakre Mozillian
  • Deepak Mishra Mozillian
  • And all Passionate Volunteers of Madhya Pradesh